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YAY - come to an agreement with DH over breast/bottle for (now mixed fed) DS3.....

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fannyannie Wed 20-Jun-07 13:23:32

we had a few issues the last couple of days with DS3 not latching on so ended up giving him some formula (as I hadn't expressed any milk yet!) from a bottle - I mentioned to DH that we could mix feed him (which I was relatively happy with) - until we've finished the tin of Formula and then go over to EBM for me to still be able to get a break (he'd have needed to take ebm anyhow as I'll be back playing the organ at church next month) once it was finishd.

Anyhow, this morning DH said he didn't see why we couldn't just carry on with breast during the day and FF at night (which we did last night - DS£ feeds more during the day/evening than at night so I'm not too worried about it affecting my supply) rather than putting "pressure" on me to express enough milk.

Anyhow, we've come to an agreement that he'll still have bottles at night (probably only 2 in 24hrs in total) but that we'll go 50/50 on the milk with half formula and half ebm in the bottles .

Now I can feel that he's getting breastmilk EVERY feed, DH can be happy giving him a bottle (and FF ) and life can continue as per normal

magnolia1 Wed 20-Jun-07 13:32:28

But is it pressure for you to express enough? If not then why the need to mix with formula?
Of course if it's a lot easier for you then the occasional botle of formula is really not a big deal. Ds1 is fully breastfed (6.5 months) but on he odd occasion I need him to stay with Dh he has formula. I felt awful at 1st that he wasn't having b/m but he refused b/m from a bottle completeley and would only take formula in a bottle and b/m from me

tiktok Wed 20-Jun-07 13:35:56

fanny, it's great you are feeling happier and more comfortable about it....and I don't want to rain on the parade!

But you need to know that 2 bottles in 24 hours, extending the gaps between breastfeeds at night, is likely to impact on your supply, and you may end up stopping bf sooner than you would otherwise wish. Your baby is a bit young for breastfeeding to withstand this....this is early days for bf, and round-the-clock bf is normal to build up and maintain a supply.

Now - if you are aware of this, and ok about it, then of course you're right to see the +ve side of it (that your baby is getting breastmilk and you are continuing to breastfeed). If you are not aware of it, then, um.....I'm letting you know so what you do is based on a full picture

fannyannie Wed 20-Jun-07 13:36:50

not really pressure for me - but I don't currently have a supply in the freezer so I'll have to express quite a bit to be able to have enough for DS3 to have a full bottle of it.

Besides DH is typical "man" fashion thinks he settled better last night having some more filling formula in him (actually he slept the same as when he had breastmilk direct from the breast LOL) this way DH gets to feel 'happy' that DS3 is contented and full up from having some formula - and I'm happy knowing that he's still getting BM

DS2 was totally FF from 5 days old so I'm not too gutted (now - was yesterday and the day before LOL) about it. Just means we're all happy............except for DS3 at this very moment in time who's just woken up......

fannyannie Wed 20-Jun-07 13:39:59

tiktok I know it's a "lot" (of bottles)- but TBH he's been doing all of his feeding during the day and early evening (which he'll still be getting) - he was only waking a few times (for VERY short feeds) at night. And last night he had a feed (from me) just before he had the formula (and I'll probably do the same most nights) so he's only missing one full feed.

must go for now - baby in one arm and this chair not very comfortable for feeding from.

fannyannie Fri 22-Jun-07 00:07:45

well so far so good - he's drinking loads from me during the day again so milk supply back "up and running" so to speak. Last night he refused his 3am feed from DH - so ended up in bed with us, we'll just wait and see what happens tonight - he's just having his night bottle with DH as I type - and I've just been expressing some to freeze so hopefull onwards and upwards from here on.

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