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Best small bottles for infant top ups (combined feeding)

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Fuckedoffat48b Wed 14-Nov-18 03:26:54

Just back from the hospital with our baby who was kept in for a few days due to jaundice. We have been put on a feeding regime of combined feeding: breastfeed first and follow up with a small amount of formula.

However, the Mam feeding bottles we have start at 60ml and are opaque at the bottom meaning you can't see how much has been eaten.

Which bottles can we get to show increments from 10ml?

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jubbablub Wed 14-Nov-18 07:39:30

We used the mam ones and weighed out the premade formula. So we did top ups of 50ml and it weighed 53g. You can measure smaller amounts in the lid.

Fuckedoffat48b Wed 14-Nov-18 10:13:37

jubbablub thanks. I am able to weigh it out but also need to be able to see how much he has had in order to record it. I am currently weighing out the remainder but it is a faff!

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Anotherdayanotherdollar Wed 14-Nov-18 10:16:18

My mam bottles had a measure in the bottle top so any left over never had that issue could be poured back into the top to be measured

Fuckedoffat48b Wed 14-Nov-18 14:32:15

Anotherday perfect! thanks for the tip!

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