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Advice on how much and when - seem to be getting it all wrong

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RainRainGoAwayy Fri 09-Nov-18 09:06:19

DS2 is 5 weeks and I can’t seem to work out his eating habits. He will sometimes drain 5oz and sometimes he will just take 3oz. What I’m finding difficult is working out how often I should be feeding as he is feeding an awful lot. He can take 3oz and want more 1.5 hours later (which I can understand) however he can also take the full 5 or 6 oz and still be wanting more 1.5 hours later. The issue with this is he projectile vomits most of the second bottle unless we delay the feeds to 2.5 hours apart (which basically just means he cries on and off for an hour while we try and delay). He is having 9 or 10 bottles in a 24 hour period as he does go slightly longer on the first sleep of the night - usually around 4.5 hours. I feel like I’m going massively wrong somewhere sad. So far this morning he had 6oz at 5.30, 5oz at 7.30 and 4oz at 8.30...

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Pinkbetty Fri 09-Nov-18 16:06:26

Don't worry so much! When they are this young they should be fed on demand. My boy is nearly 7 weeks and has been going through growth spurts and less hungry days. Just respond to his hunger cues and you'll both be fine. You are doing great!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:39:47

If he’s taking 6 floz, are you making 7 floz? There should always be some left in the bottle so you know they’ve have enough.

Does he definitively want another bottle an hour and a half later? He could well do but he may be doing it for comfort. Try popping him in a sling and walking around for a couple of minutes, or swaddling after the first feed. White noise might help too.

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