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BM store disaster.. can I use formula?

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BeardofZeus Mon 29-Oct-18 09:34:14

Hi everyone.. pretty much as the title says, I have (had sad ) a small store of breastmilk ready for our first day and night away from baby tomorrow (shiftwork) and I have found the freezer partially thawed this morning. Obviously I am gutted as I find expressing hard work anyway (only get an ounce really each time when tandeming feeding baby and doing it) and I know I don’t have the time to rebuild the store by tomorrow.

My question is, has anyone got any experience of using formula as a one off for an occasion like this? Will it have any effect on her/me? It would be for about 18 hours worth of feeds and she feeds around 2-3 hourly atm so possibly 6 bottles of it? Or should I cancel (only partially joking..)? My DH has already gone out and bought some HIPP Organic ready made milk to replace it (and given me hugs whilst saying very literally no point crying over spilt milk —funny not funny— ) - is this one any good?

Any advice gratefully appreciated smile

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Muddytoes1 Mon 29-Oct-18 09:56:41

Oh no that’s so annoying! How old is your little one? I wouldn’t have thought 18 hours of formula would do any harm but I understand why you’re frustrated when you worked so hard to collect it. Big hugs flowers

BeardofZeus Mon 29-Oct-18 10:03:11

She’s 14 weeks so I feel breastfeeding has been well established now and she has had bottles of expressed bm before ... admittedly not for a few weeks as I haven’t had the inclination to express purely for a bottle feed (regret much!)

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HappyPunky Mon 29-Oct-18 10:06:22

Take your pump with you for relief and also keep the demand. She should be fine going back to the breast, a lot combination feed with no problems but you might end up cluster feeding a little when you're back.

BeardofZeus Mon 29-Oct-18 10:17:11

Should i pump both sides like her normal feeding pattern or just when I feel full? That’s good to know! Just feeling a little worried because this obviously wasnt meant to happen on top of introduction of a new kind of food !! Cest la vie I suppose

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slappinthebass Mon 29-Oct-18 10:40:18

Gosh, how come you are having to go back to work and for so long so early? You really need to try a bottle today. A few weeks not having one at that age and there is a very high possibility she will reject it. Formula will be fine. Alternatively you could ask for donations on your local breastfeeding Facebook page. I did that once when I was very poorly and dehydrated as lots of people offered me some of their stash.

NotSoThinLizzy Mon 29-Oct-18 10:43:20

It may make wee one constipated or a bit more windy but I don't think it'll make a huge difference

BeardofZeus Mon 29-Oct-18 10:46:02

Ahh no luckily not work @slappin, just our reason for going away on a Tuesday night as opposed to friday is shiftwork !

Thanks for the heads up.. i will try a bottle today.. should I try her with the formula or just express a fresh feed do you think?

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InDubiousBattle Mon 29-Oct-18 10:49:02

Try her with a bottle of f today. If she won't take it then express some and try her with half and half f/bm. Take your pump and express when you start to get uncomfortable.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 29-Oct-18 10:50:35

Well you haven't really got a choice. She will likely be fine, the majority of babies of her age have some/all formula and are fine. It might cause some digestive differences as it's harder to digest than breastmilk, but nothing that will last long.

You will need to express at regular intervals to mimic her feeding pattern, and for your comfort too.

Wanttomakemincepies Mon 29-Oct-18 10:57:11

Fully defrosted BM is good for at least 24hours. At work we have 24 hours to use it once fully defrosted. As others have said just ensure you pump at baby's usual fees pattern and one day of formula should be fine nutrition wise, but does taste different to BM. You could always mix fm and BM in same bottle.

Haberpop Mon 29-Oct-18 11:07:54

I'd pop what you have into the fridge and allow it to defrost slowly, the ward I worked on kept defrosted BM in the fridge for a full 24 hours from point of becoming ice free.

MrsLettuce Mon 29-Oct-18 11:16:16

What a PITA, I feel so sorry for you. In your position I'd give the defrosted bm for every feed and pump afterwards to replace the store. That should get you a decent amount. Using the last of the defrosted bm for the first of the feeds when you're away plus the bm you can pump between now and then should work out fine. It would be sensible to have some formula just in case of a shortfall but it may well not be needed.

Foggymist Mon 29-Oct-18 11:21:04

Are there any ice crystals left in any of the packs of milk? If so you can refreeze.

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