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Switching from formula to breast. Honest opinions.

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ElderApta Fri 26-Oct-18 15:14:29

Our little man was born small and had problems with his blood sugar, so we were in a position where we had to give him formula as it would be dangerous to have not given it. I have no issue with women using formula, however it's not what I wanted. I'm not dwelling on it, I'm just so glad he's here and okay... he's 5 days old and still sucking my nipple before every feed but is so small that he gets tired and because he has hardly any brown fat I have to give him formula afterwards.

I'm producing colostrum which I am expressing but he needs more than just this.

Honest opinions. If my milk every comes in (feels like a lifetime waiting!), could he really be ebf instead of formula fed? I'd love to get the hang of breastfeeding, for a number of reasons...

Feeling quite stressed by it all...

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namethatchild Fri 26-Oct-18 15:20:21

Have you tried speaking to your local La Leche League? I’ve found them so supportive and helpful. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would think that the sooner you get some experienced advice the better the chance of you being able to breastfeed.

I’ve got 2 DDs, one I was never able to breastfeed as she simply refused to latch despite my best efforts! The second has EBF happily and is now 5 months old. I had a period of around 3 days where I was unable to BF her due to being hospitalised with mastitis (she was 9 days old) but managed to reestablish feeding after that.

I hope it works out for you, good luck.

mypoosmellsofroses Fri 26-Oct-18 15:22:52

It can be done, I had two prem babies that went on to be ebf after a shaky start.
Are you using a hospital grade pump? That will help to bring your milk in, lots and lots of skin to skin contact and ask your midwife for as much help as possible, ideally you need a lactation consultant to make suggestions and help as much as possible.
Other than that, staying as chilled as possible, looking after yourself and taking as much other help as you can get.
Good Luck!

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