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Adding a bottle to breast fed baby - help!

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sissy89 Mon 08-Oct-18 08:19:05

My lb is 5 weeks today. He is exclusively breast fed.

He is on my breast all the time. I've had no sleep last night as he was just attached to me.

I feel like my milk just isn't enough for him. Especially at night.

I'm wondering if introducing a bottle - about 10.30pm - will help?

This is my 3rd baby, 3rd time breastfeeding and I can't remember it ever being this difficult.

What kind of formula is best? Is there any formula out there that is for breast fed babies?

Or is it just not a good idea?

I'm so tired. Feeding now and have to get the dcs to school in 20 mins...

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Jackshouse Mon 08-Oct-18 08:22:00

All formulas are pretty much the same as the regulation on them is so tight that there is very little difference.

Formula may or may not help. Could you go the bed early and get your partner to do the 10pm feed if you are going to use a bottle?

Aptimail is often said to be the most similar but that is because that was once the basis of an advertising campaign.

sissy89 Mon 08-Oct-18 08:24:07

Yes I'm planning to go to bed about 9.30 and he give the bottle at 10.30.

I just don't know what to do but I know me being exhausted isn't helping

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Jackshouse Mon 08-Oct-18 08:56:58

Give it ago if it works then good if it doesn’t then you tried. MAM and NUK bottles are suppose to be more acceptable for breast feed babies.

Rainycloudyday Mon 08-Oct-18 09:03:01

You'll get people coming on her saying oh that's normal, I did it blah blah but it's totally unsustainable to not slee a wink all night with a baby permanently attached and will quickly destroy your mental health. I really feel for you. I would definitely try a formula bottle last thing and see you go. If mixed feeding was promoted more, there would be a lot more beast milk consumed in this country! From my nct group, six out of eight mix fed with an evening bottle of formula from dad and BF from mum for at least six months. Best of both worlds if you can find that balance! Good luck.

Nothisispatrick Mon 08-Oct-18 09:04:36

We’re combi feeding my 1 week old due to my milk coming in late after a traumatic birth. We have medela bottles that supposedly help avoid nipple confusion. Have you tried expressing rather than formula? Then you know how much he’s getting plus your partner can do some feeds.

Weenurse Mon 08-Oct-18 09:06:20

I used to breast feed before bed and then husband would top up feed with a bottle of formula. She would then sleep for 5 hours straight.

Valkarie Mon 08-Oct-18 09:12:42

Your milk is enough for him if he is growing and producing wet and dirty nappies. But some babies are insatiable when it comes to being on the boob. My first one was, but that was easier as I didn't have any other kids to also look after. Even then it could be so draining! I remember occasions where I had to sit down and just cry about being so tired.

You might find that he sleeps better after a bottle. Formula takes longer to digest so keeps them fuller. Or if your partner can give the bottle you would at least be able to go to bed a bit earlier and sleep through that feed.

Have you tried a dummy? If he finds comfort from the sucking that might help too.

BertieBotts Mon 08-Oct-18 09:18:18

I would say your most important step would be to get the latch checked, properly, not by a midwife or health visitor but by somebody trained and experienced in breastfeeding support - ABM, NCT or La Leche League or an IBCLC.

Yes absolutely give a bottle to get yourself a break if you want to, but don't do that as the "fix" - use it as the plaster to bridge a gap until you can get advice (then continue if you want, or work back to full BFing - your choice smile)

Blissfulignorance Mon 08-Oct-18 09:29:55

My LO is 5 weeks old, we introduced a Nuk bottle at 3 weeks but I expressed milk rather than formula. It allows me to get maybe an hour extra in a good night. I have to express the feed he's missing off though otherwise I get engorged. The first few times were a bit of a struggle. I just give DH all the bits and leave them to it. He usually sends me a pic of an empty bottle and a sleeping baby 20 mins later.

I also had to order a small teat for the bottle as the medium was a bit quick for him.

TinyRick Mon 08-Oct-18 09:36:13

I'm on a mix of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle capsules to help up my supply as my now 3.5mo was/is the same.

Also 5/6 weeks is growth spurt time so constantly on the boob is, sorry to say, normal. He is upping your milk supply.

But yes the tiredness and constant feeding is draining.

Erio Mon 15-Oct-18 09:44:52

I went through this with my (now 19 week old) daughter. So many times I considered adding a bottle, which might be the right option for you. For me, I'm glad I didn't in hindsight, she was increasing my milk supply and it didn't last too much longer. I did, however, introduce a dummy to take over from me once she was getting drowsy and not really drinking on the boob anymore. I'd swap my nipple for dummy, out her in her crib and within a few minutes she was fast asleep and had spat the dummy out.

Unfortunately it wont be the last growth spurt! I went through the same trains of thought during each growth spurt so far. Every time I end up googling 'adding formula feed'!! I'm still EBF though... but each to their own.

gothefcktosleep Mon 15-Oct-18 09:50:40

I combi feed and face DD’s the SMA comfort milk which they say is easy to digest and good for babies that are also being breast fed. What real truth there is in that I do not know but she was happy on it. I now is Hipp organic (because bizarrely it is cheaper) and she’s fine on that too. Formula is so strictly regulated that you cannot really go wrong and they are all very similar. Aldi’s is also highly rated. I found aptimil made her poo really really smelly.

gothefcktosleep Mon 15-Oct-18 09:51:00

Gave not face

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