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How does milk Intake change after 1?

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mincymoo124 Thu 27-Sep-18 16:41:22

Just that really? Dd is 11 months old and has cut down a lot on her formula. She Hasn't been eating much food as usual either as she's been abit poorly catching one thing and another from nursery but generally quite a hungry baby. She still has her formula in a bottle three times a day but I am going to try and put it in her 360 cup as of tomorrow to wean off the bottle. How does this all change when they turn one? I know it changes to cows milk but how much do they have? Is it like Normal feeds? Thanks

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BrokenLink Thu 27-Sep-18 16:45:58

At one they drink while cow's milk out of a cup. You don't have to measure it. If she eats lots of cheese and yogurt, then around half a pint a day is plenty. You also need to introduce a vitamin d drop when she no longer drinks formula.

mindutopia Fri 28-Sep-18 06:23:32

Milk becomes more a comforting snack than a meal. At 1, my dd (who was bottle fed) was having 3 cups of cows milk (about 200 ml each) a day, well, 2 cups and a bottle at bedtime. This moved to 2 a day (250 ml) by around 13 months (first thing in the morning and at bedtime). And then by 15 months, only at bedtime. Though she did usually also have a cup of milk at snack time at nursery.

She’s 5 now and still has a cup a day, though it’s first thing in the morning now. I would try with the cups but not stress if she’s not interested yet. My first screamed like someone was trying to kill her if we tried to even get a cup near her for several months (meanwhile my bf one happily took a cup from 6 months!). Just keep trying if it doesn’t work at first.

confusedandemployed Fri 28-Sep-18 06:29:07

My DD pretty much gave up milk as a drink except at bedtime by 1. She still had plenty via cereal etc and always ate loads of yoghurt, cheese etc. She just wasn't struck on it as a drink.

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