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Fourteen month old struggling to wean

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Kristajoy86 Wed 19-Sep-18 16:39:26

Help please! DD is fourteen months old. She is a happy, healthy baba who is very sociable, active and loves her food.
The only trouble is she is still breastfeeding. I say trouble as my supply has dropped and sometimes she is feeding for an hour even on a full tummy just to get to sleep. She stands up while she’s feeding and the phrase ‘titty twister’ doesn’t even come close! Ouch! She’s never taken a bottle as we were scaremongered about nipple confusion as soon as I started breastfeeding her at two days old. She is my first baby so we took on board everything we were told - a stupid move as it’s all so conflicting. Equally when we’ve sought professional help I’ve been asked afrontedly ‘but WHY do you want to stop breastfeeding?’ as if I haven’t done my bit. I’m so tired from night feeds I’ve been put on ‘unpaid sebatical’ at work due to so many mistakes, which has put a financial strain on the household, as well as me feeling inadequate and I hate to say a little resentful! (Eight hours of adult conversation a week was a treat!) . My husband is frustrated because despite them having a wonderful relationship DD only comes to me for comfort! She’s very independant in every other aspect! How can I help her move off the boob?

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HumpHumpWhale Wed 19-Sep-18 16:43:25

I'd night wean to start with. I used the Jay Gordon method - you can find it by googling - as I co-slept but the constant night feeds were killing me. Once you've done that, you may find the feeding tapers off at other times too. Or if not, you can make a rational decision once you're a bit more rested!

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