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How much milk does your 1 year old drink?

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DaisyChainsForever Fri 14-Sep-18 12:14:54

As the title says really. How often/how much do you feed your 1 year old?

OhBergine Fri 14-Sep-18 12:22:47

My one and a half year old doesn't have any milk now (was BF until he was nearly one).

Namechangemum100 Fri 14-Sep-18 12:28:30

My 19 month old still has around 14oz a day (prescription formula). She's slow to wean , doesn't worry me.

Snitzelvoncrumb Fri 14-Sep-18 12:30:04

My 1 year old still breastfeeds about four times a day.

DaisyChainsForever Fri 14-Sep-18 19:05:02

Thank you. I'm in the process of cutting down the number of breast feeds, it's good to know there's no real norm!

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