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Ideas for a dairy-free diet!

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CoffeeChocolateWine Sat 08-Sep-18 11:18:57

Not so much ‘Infant feeding’...more ‘Mummy feeding’ but not sure where to post it!

So my DD (13 weeks) has a suspected dairy allergy and in order to confirm it, I have to go dairy free for the next 4 weeks to see if her symptoms ease. And if it is confirmed I’ll be dairy free a bit longer term.

Obviously I am happy to do whatever is necessary to help my DD feel better but...I love cheese, I have cereal with milk or milky porridge or granola with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast most days, milk in coffee, and chocolate has become a staple part of my diet to get me through these early months! On the plus side, it might help me shift a bit of baby weight, but I feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of giving it all up and I’m having a slightly irrational “well, what can I eat?” moment!

Could you give me some ideas for tasty dairy free meals, what are the best milk substitutes and dairy free substitutes for other foods? What substitute milk goes best in coffee? I bought almond milk, coconut milk, soya milk and oat milk yesterday but they all tasted a bit gross in coffee. I could have it black but if there is something that goes well in coffee that would be better! I made some porridge this morning with almond milk and water and that was actually really nice!

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NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sat 08-Sep-18 11:30:18

Milk in coffee was one of the hardest substitutions for me too - oatly barista is definitely the best one (unlike normal oatly/ other oat milks it doesn't make your coffee taste like porridge!).

Coconut yoghurt is best breakfast alternative I've found (coconut collaborative is nicest but imo koko also fine and cheaper) - I soak it overnight with oats, frozen berries and flaxseed.

Haven't had much luck with cheese alternatives but I've been surprised how little I've missed that. Pizza express vegan pizza is fine though.

Treats - dark chocolate, oreos, some brands of Jaffa cakes, coconut collaborative do these little 100cal choc pot things which are gorgeous.

Going dairy free for my CMPI baby has really helped me tbh - weight loss, acne, and general sense of wellbeing - I won't be going back to it. smile

CoffeeChocolateWine Sat 08-Sep-18 11:35:41

Thanks so much. I feel more positive about it already smile Is the oatly barista readily available in places like Sainsbury’s? I can’t remember seeing it but will definitely try it. I think it’s the coffee without milk I’m most worried about...I love coffee more than I love chocolate!

That’s encouraging and interesting that you feel better in yourself and won’t be going back.

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NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sat 08-Sep-18 11:56:59

It is - I buy it from either sainsburys or Tesco - both stock it but all the branches I use do seem to be a bit hit and miss about having it in at any given time 😬 I keep a healthy supply in the cupboard because I can't rely on them and I need my milky coffee!

yetanothernane Sat 08-Sep-18 12:19:49

Oatly is good substitute for milk and easy to replace with milk for cereal, coffee, and home made sauce. - most supermarkets stock it now. It's about £1.50 a litre, so maybe play around with soya milk if your budget orientated.

Violife is good for a dairy free spread. Stork marg (gold bar) also dairy free and works for cakes if your a baker.

Some of the dark fancy chocolate bars are dairy free,but alternatively moofree (Holland and Barrett) is edible. Infind it quite chalky? Ds hoovers it down confused

Don't necessarily always buy free from ranges, most of the discount brands will be milk free. You may be quite surprised.

Biscuits are often milk free; again check the labels.

Dairy free cheese is vile! Can't for the life of me remember the name; it ends up a giant blob of awfulness. I've never managed to actually eat the stuff, when melted it forms an almost glue like consistency which only ever sticks to the plate.

I tend to do a lot of cooking from scratch. I find it easier and I don't have to sacrifice favourite meals.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 08-Sep-18 21:48:08

I was overwhelmed when I first started OP but it does get easier.

For breakfast I normally have muesli with an alernative milk or smooth nut butter, banana and honey on toast. Jus rol pain au chocolat are DF too.

If you fancy easing out, Toby Carvery will do you DF veg and the roast potatoes, meats and some gravies are DF and Pizza Express do a great vegan pizza.

ThePricklySheep Sat 08-Sep-18 21:52:58

I did this with DD briefly. It didn’t work but hey ho.

I used vitalite spread, it and an another I’ve forgotten get the best recommendations. You can also bake with it.
I liked coconut milk.
All cheese was replaced with meat. Ham or other salami type stuff. Would goat and sheep cheese be alright or not?
I didn’t find a yogurt that was worth eating but there are chocolate mousses (mice grin) that are ok.
YY to nut butters.

Sew3stitch Sat 08-Sep-18 22:09:08

Second the oat milk recommendations. I find Alpro oat and others good on cereal and the most ‘neutral’ taste. Dairy free cheeses as a general rule are awful in my opinion- especially the smell! Although having said that, the Greek style one is tolerable.

Not widely available but you can buy oat creme fraiche and oat single cream (both by oatly). I find these great for cooking. If you do need to be df longer term, I’d stock up if you find these in the shops as they have long dates on. Can only get in a big Tesco extra around me so I go just to buy that. And the nature’s store hazelnut/chocolate spread which is lush on toast / in porridge/ on pancakes / eaten with a spoon.

Green & blacks velvet raspberry and hazelnut chocolate is 👌🏻

I’ve generally found it fine being df at home but eating out is not the same sadly. I end up ordering vegan options lots with added meat!

Good luck - I’m approaching the end of breastfeeding now and looking forward to eating cheese again but I may stick with oat milk for cereal. Time does go quickly once you get in the swing of things!

KTD27 Sat 08-Sep-18 22:14:17

coffeechocolate can I ask what makes you think there might be an allergy? My 8 week old has awful silent reflux and GP suggested I might try eliminate dairy but not sure if she has signs of an allergy

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Sep-18 08:21:24

@KTD27 have a read I’d Dairy and other food sensitivities in Breastfed Babies on Kellymom, Cow’s Milk Allergy on Allergy UK and Spitting Up and ewflux in the Breastfed Baby.

You have my sympathy, my DS was a screamer and for him it turned out to be undiagnosed tongue tie. There’s a list of Tongue Tie Practioners here.

Have you given one of the Bfing Helplines a call too? A BFC should be able to help and they should be open now. Have you got the numbers? A Lactation Consultant with experience of tongue tie should be able to help and have you tried your local La Leche League group?

Sorry to bombard you with info. What I actually came on to say was that Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels with
Her or Vitalite are usually DF and makeca nice breakfast or Bfing snack grin

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Sep-18 08:25:35

*reflux and Her should be Pure. If you’re choosing alternative to milk, I’d avoid Soya milks and Soya spreads as half of all people with CMPA also react to Soya. I was told that this is because the protein molecules are similar. Good Luck smile

CoffeeChocolateWine Sun 09-Sep-18 18:05:59

KTD27, she’s had very obvious digestive problems since birth...very uncomfortable after feeding, tummy aches, difficulty in passing wind and stools, but when she did they were pretty explosive, constant nappy rash, regular spit ups and occasional projectile vomitting. This was brushed aside at first and put down to an immature digestive system, but over the past few weeks it’s got worse not better and she started passing black blobs in her stools as well which turned out to be dried blood. She was referred to a paediatrician at this point who said it all pointed to a dairy allergy.

I hope your little one gets unfair seeing them in so much discomfort when they are so tiny. If going dairy free resolves all of my DD’s problems I will be very happy.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Sep-18 18:15:42

How are you getting on now Coffee and has LO shown any improvement yet? smile

CoffeeChocolateWine Sun 09-Sep-18 20:16:25

Pretty good thanks Jilted. I have discovered that porridge made with almond milk is tastier than my normal milky porridge, and that I prefer olive oil on my potatoes to butter! And I bought the Flora dairy-free spread (couldn't find the other brand mentioned above) and my entire family have decided they prefer it to our usual olive oil one (that contains milk)! The only thing I'm missing is milk in my coffee. Couldn't find the Oatly Barista one in my local Sainsburys. So having it black with a tiny bit of sugar to take the edge off the bitterness but it's not the same. Maybe it will help me curb my caffeine habit though.

DD hasn't shown a huge improvement yet and is still passing the dried blood in her stools, but she has napped better today and yesterday which might suggest that her discomfort after feeding has improved. The paed said it might take a few days for the traces of dairy to go out of my system completely.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Sep-18 20:52:35

So glad you’ve found some things that you enjoy eating smile

When I gave yo dairy (I’m the one with CMPA not the LO), I felt much better after 3 days and like a different person after 2weeks). If you’ve seen an improvement in the naps, I’d say keep going, you’re doing a brilliant job thanks

CoffeeChocolateWine Sun 09-Sep-18 23:02:16

Thank you

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Artesia Sun 09-Sep-18 23:12:35

For those of you who mentioned the Pizza Express vegan pizza, this is the cheese they use. It’s the only decent one I have found for my son, and I begged the manager at our local Pizza Express to tell me what they used!

KTD27 Mon 10-Sep-18 10:39:11

coffee we get very explosive stools too. At first I’d put that down to her tongue tie, then it was a fast letdown meaning she swallows quite a lot of air but it absolutely could be allergy or sensitivity too.
I will try and cut out dairy from today and see if it makes a difference.

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Mon 10-Sep-18 10:42:54

Almond milk is the best one that I have tried.
Coconut milk is not too bad either.
I think if you were making an iced coffee, using these, you would not taste the difference.
I have a lactose intolerance and often forget about it, as it has only developed in the last year or two.

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 10-Sep-18 12:37:28

KTD27, good luck. The paid said it takes up to a week for the dairy to get out of system so give it a little while before expecting to see a difference. I must admit I’m quite enjoying it. I like a challenge and I’ve been pleasantly surprised yet some of the alternative dairy free foods.

I have another question...which of the milks are best too cook with (savoury stuff). For instance with mashed potato I add a bit of milk...I don’t want to sweeten it though and I think almond or coconut would do that. Would oat milk make it taste like porridge? I find soya milk quite strong (and unpleasantly) flavoured...will it ruin it? And what about a white sauce...which milk is best?

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CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 10-Sep-18 12:37:50

*paed not paid

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ThanksItHasPockets Tue 11-Sep-18 09:34:12

To echo JJJ, don’t replace dairy with soy. If your DD has CMPA then there is a good chance that she’ll react to to soy, and in our case this was the worse reaction.

For mash, use a fluffy variety like Maris Piper or King Edward and some olive oil. No need for any milk.

CoffeeChocolateWine Tue 11-Sep-18 13:19:27

Thank you. I actually missed that comment that Jilted made about the soya so I’m glad you repeated it.

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albanyd Wed 12-Sep-18 18:47:55

If you're on FB, look for the CMPA Support group. They often post excellent ideas for food!

CoffeeChocolateWine Sun 16-Sep-18 09:57:02

Just wanted to come back and update. So I’m 8 days dairy free and having no problem at all with the diet. I’m actually quite enjoying it!

DD seemed a little better in some ways. Her stools are more mucus and she hasn’t passed blood for a few days. However, resolving one problem creates other problems! She is really struggling to poo and gets so distressed about it. She’s gone from going about 6 times a day to maybe once if we’re lucky or sometimes every other day. But she gets very uncomfortable and that’s affecting her sleep. The other thing is that I would say her reflux is worse. Is this normal? She is bring up more of the feed and more often. I was hoping the dairy free diet would help this aspect too but it’s really not. Could there be something else at play, not just a dairy allergy?

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