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Concerned about 10.5mo weight dropping and eating habits

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 28-Aug-18 19:18:56

I doubt he’s feeding at night for comfort, feeding at night is pretty normal at 10 months OP.

Please don’t beat yourself up over the initial weight loss. Have you ever had any Counselling for your birth trauma? It might be worth speaking to the Birth Trauma Association about what happened st the birth and how you feel.

Do talk to the GP about the screaming and make sure he checks his throat, ears and tummy. My DS used to get tonsillitis when he was little.

I’m wondering though if he’s been checked for tongue tie? My DS screame£ in the night and was reluctant to eat and we discovered he had tt.

Has he been checked for allergies too? Often babies and dc with allergies can had a reluctance to feed as it can be very uncomfortable.

The last paragraph in this article by Dr Jay Gordon might help too smile

Jellybabie3 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:56:50

Thanks all for your support. Its something I have really struggled with and although he is ebf (and I know I am extremely lucky I could go back to full bf) its been a real battle and I am always wondering if I shouldve been less stubborn (the breast is best drummed in) and switched to formula fully for his benefit. I guess I will never know...

Anyway, I will have a go at some of your ideas, Thanks very much.

Hes been really off again overnight waking up screaming every half hour. I think he may well have a virus so may go get him checked over to be safe. My gut says somethings off.

I will try rice cakes too thanks smile I havent tried those I dont think...

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lovetravel2 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:36:16

Op please don't feel guilty, you're doing wonders with your little one. My little dropped from the 50th below the 8th percentile. She's now just turned 1.
I give her healthy high fight food. Also don't blame yourself for something that happened at the beginning that was completely out of your control.

Like another lovely poster on here I had a difficult start and because of this couldn't breastfeed which was devastating at the time. But I've I decided to re-focus my energy and look at the positive things how much me and her daddy love her and we both enjoy watching her try adventurous foods now, but it has taken time and weaning I've realised it a marathon not a sprint.

Lunch ideas
Mashed avocado with full fat cream mixed in or with banana and put onto rice crackers.
Mashed sweet potato with olive oil and a little butter
Sweet potato chips in the oven are also great and you can make extra and use as a snack
Homemade hummus so simple to make and don't have to worry about salt content if homemade.
Home made mackerel pate, just simply frying a fresh mackerel removing any small bones and whizz in a blender with olive oil and lemon. My little one now loves this after making it our weekly dish for lunch. Again spread on toast or rice crackers.

We also make a lot of scrambled eggs in the week and pancake for breakfast with lots of Greek yogurt.
Keep going and offering it will get better, my little girls hated eggs for weeks now she's positively enthusiastic about them.

If you do get a referral as well don't worry, you'll probably see a dietician and talking to a professional will put your mind at rest, it did with me and we also had bloods done as well to check all was ok - it was.
You are doing so well - take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the first year as soon enough, you'll be looking back and wondering what you worried about xx

DitchingTheDye Tue 28-Aug-18 10:27:45

DitchingTheDye Tue 28-Aug-18 10:02:14

The food intake doesn't sound that bad to me, they are still very young and learning. Keep offering. Will they take the breast more if offered? Toast is a big hit in our house, slathered in real butter. I leave out a "tasting plate" somewhere they can easily access throughout the day. Strict mealtimes are a modern phenomena, babies are natural grazers.

mizzles Tue 28-Aug-18 09:12:27

I'm not sure about the arching back etc (might be worth checking if he has a virus as that can really throw them off their food) but my daughter was a wee little thing and I found the following good foods to help her put on weight:

- curries or stews with coconut milk in them
- pancakes (I would tear them into little pieces for her to feed herself)
- muffins with cheese and vegetables
- jacket potatoes with full-fat cottage cheese

She was always quite keen to feed herself: messy but it might be worth giving the spoon a rest for a day or two to see if that helps your son.

Also sending you both lots of hugs. You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. We had similar weight issues at the start ( although slightly different reasons) and I was never able to EBF. I felt awful for such a long time but now seeing my little toddler running around and cramming fishfingers in her mouth, it seems like another lifetime ago. I am positive your little boy will get back on track with solids soon.

Jellybabie3 Mon 27-Aug-18 22:24:29

Just to say his example food intake for today is much less than previous.

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Jellybabie3 Mon 27-Aug-18 22:22:57

So backstory... my DS lost alot of weight when he was born which was very stressful (14% in 3 days). It was in part due to a traumatic birth, emc and us both contracting septicimia. As a result we had to keep feed diaries etc and top up bf with formula for a while. I felt very responsible. Still do. And find the whole thing very upsetting. He has since been ebf.

He also has had reflux which he is being treated for. We started weaning at 6 months.

Hes now 10.5mo and has started dropping weight for the second time. My doc threatened if he dropped another percentile curve he would be referred to a pediatrician. He has just dropped below this curve at a HV drop in. He is 7.9kg.

I was angry at the time because he seems OK. Hes just started crusing etc so burning alot of calories. He has also been teething.

However the teeth are now through and hes still not eating much. This morn for example he had a half portion of porridge. Lunch was 4 carrot puffs, 2 spoons of formage frais and a half banana. Dinner was literally maybe 4 baby spoons of veg rice. He sometimes takes food in his mouth and chews but then spits it all out. Even stuff he likes.

I've been told to fatten his diet as he just wants to eat fruit and veg which doesnt give him enough calories. But he wont touch bread of any type (wraps, brown/white, thins, bagels you name it). The only things he will eat avidly is beans and pasta.

I am getting really worried. Last few days hes seemed off. Hes waking consistently through the night screaming and arching his back alot. Hes been sick a few times in the past week too (we've just got back from hol). He started dropping nursing feeds. One day only feeding 3x all day (3x at night too out of habit i suspect). And point blank refuses to drink any water or milk from anything else.

Can anyone offer advice how to encourage my son to eat or what to eat?

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