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18 months old - meal ideas

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user1465146157 Tue 14-Aug-18 05:50:01

Any ideas for some nice interesting toddler meals that are tasty and healthy?

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DoubleHelix79 Tue 14-Aug-18 06:45:00

DD always devours spinach lasagna. I use frozen spinach, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, sometimes a handful of red lentils. All in a big pot, some cream and spices added, then heated until the spinach has warmed up. Layer with lasagna sheets, cheese on top, then in the oven for 30 minutes or so. Always make an enormous amount, then if i freeze some we still have two meals for the whole family. You can also vary it with different veg.

user1465146157 Thu 16-Aug-18 08:24:09

Thanks so much will try it!

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tappitytaptap Thu 16-Aug-18 21:33:57

I've found the baby led weaning apps great for recipe ideas, the lady who does it also has a few other apps. We generally enjoy them as a family too!

fizzylaces37573 Mon 20-Aug-18 21:00:34

I make lots of different patties. I make sweet potatoe and chicken/ salmon patties, basically microwave sweet potatoes then peel and mash and add little pieces of cooked chicken or salmon, spring onion and a dash of Worcester sauce (optional). Shape into patties and bake in oven for 15 mins.
Also lentil patties - cook lentils in low salt veg stock. Once cooked mix with mashed sweet potatoe (I use it a lot grin), one egg and abit of cheese (optional). Shape into patties and bake in oven.
You can easily add other veg into the patties aswell.
The spinach lasagne sound good smile

Cottipus Tue 21-Aug-18 18:34:27

DD loves paneer curry. I heat some unsalted butter and cook some pressed cloves of garlic and baby-friendly spices. Then add diced paneer and diced peppers, cook through and add chopped spinach, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree.

I always end up stealing some myself!

LadyMonicaBaddingham Tue 21-Aug-18 18:56:57

I used to make 'bung-it-in' pancakes. Thick pancake batter (as for American pancakes but unsweetened). Stir in grated veg, chopped cooked meat or chicken, peas, sweetcorn, flaked cooked fish, grated cheese or a combination; basically whatever I could forage from the fridge. Fry dollops in a non stick pan and serve warm or at room temperature. My teenage DC still ask for them occasionally now, tbh...

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