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Tubular breasts

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babybrain77 Wed 08-Aug-18 23:20:50

Has anyone had success (or otherwise) breast feeding with tubular breasts? I had augmentation in my early twenties which the surgeon said would not affect my ability to BF, but that the lack of tissue associated with the condition meant it was quite likely I wouldn't be able to. Any experiences much appreciated.

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NynaeveSedai Wed 08-Aug-18 23:24:34

I didn't find out that's what my breasts were until after failing to breastfeed. I produced some milk but not enough. If I'd known I would never be able to produce enough I'd have got an electric pump and stopped trying to increase my supply through feeding because it just led to a hungry, malnourished baby.

It was pretty awful. I always said if I did it again I'd formula feed from birth.

snickledon Wed 08-Aug-18 23:31:48

I have breast implants (under the muscle) and was told by my surgeon at 19 I had tubular breasts. I did bf both my DC and my wonky boobs didn't seem to contribute to any problems. Supply was ok but I did switch to mixed feeding at about 6 months for both DC.

TubeTop Fri 17-Aug-18 11:40:21

Omg! Thanks to this thread and you @babybrain77 @NynaeveSedai I have just discovered I have tubular breasts!

I am 37 years old with a 6mo dd. My inability to properly bf her was a mystery to me and all the "experts"... Now it makes sense!

After some research this morning I can see it quite a mild case, but defo this. It also explains my unusual "marshmallow nips" which I had to learn to live with from teenage years! Wow.

Bit annoying that all those so called breast feeding trained midwives and support workers clearly are clueless about this condition.

PonyPals Fri 17-Aug-18 11:53:26

Omg! I found my people!
Yes, was diagnosed with tubular breasts after my first (couldn't even get colostrum). Was actually a relief once diagnosed.
Having my second one and will bottle feed from the beginning.

NynaeveSedai Fri 17-Aug-18 12:14:52

Bit annoying that all those so called breast feeding trained midwives and support workers clearly are clueless about this condition

It's mind boggling. Loads of midwives and health visitors saw my breasts. Mine are also mild but quite obvious.

stripybear Fri 17-Aug-18 12:22:54

I have this OP and like others I managed to BF but did not produce enough milk. I had to top up with formula but there are things you can do to increase your supply which you could try. I too basically wasn't believed by any midwives and was told everything was fine when it wasn't. I only found out after I stopped BF. It's really good that you're clued up about it now so you can prepare.

greenfooted Fri 17-Aug-18 12:35:33

I have this too and expecting 3rd DC, have mixed fed both previously (breast then top up) as well as (intermittently to be fair) pumping to get as much as I could. I also will take domperidon (sp) and try expressing before birth (this one is a planned section and I found flow easier when I had gone into labour). First time around I tried all sorts of tinctures as well as brewers yeast - don’t think it really helped. I am continually amazed at how little midwifes or health visitors know about this condition.

TubeTop Fri 17-Aug-18 14:04:56

If I'm lucky enough to have another baby I will probably bf at first to get at least some colostrum down him/ her but not beat myself up and drag out trying to breastfeed for ages like I did this time.

loveisanopensore Thu 23-Aug-18 22:57:05

Goat's Rue helped me on my second baby. Still had to mix feed but used much less formula the second time around. Also I used a SNS so the breast was stimulated while I was giving the top up.

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