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Please help - at wits end with gassy baby

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Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 08:59:54

My 7-week-old DS is driving me up the wall sad he is EBF but is incredibly gassy - not so much burpy but farts like a carthorse! Day and night. Smelly wind too.

Unfortunately it seems to really distress him when he needs to fart, which seems to be constantly. He will sometimes go down in his next2me crib for an hour or so in the evenings when my partner and me go to bed (not late - whenever DS falls asleep really providing DDs are already in bed!) and then will wake up for a feed and then the problems begin. Even when he falls asleep on me or we get him off to sleep by rocking etc, within 20 mins he's woken himself and us up straining, whimpering, thrashing around and farting. He gets so distressed we need to take him out the crib and comfort him (sometimes feeding sometimes just a cuddle) and then will fall asleep... 20 mins later....

It goes on all night so he spends his mornings grumpy and overtired and will not nap. He eventually falls asleep in the afternoon and sleeps for hours, then will go down for the night... cue farts of fury again.

It's been going on for weeks. I'm so exhausted I can't think straight and my poor DDs are totally neglected (obviously fed and clothed etc but i don't have the mental reserves to be much fun at playing etc after an hour's sleep every night).

So far we have tried:
Dentinox - did nothing
Infacol - still trying this but doesn't seem to be doing much, he's been on it for a couple of weeks
Baby massage/cycling legs/pushing legs up to belly - can be effective at releasing farts but doesn't seem to soothe him and they build up again within 30 mins sad
Co sleeping - means I can doze while feeding but doesn't actually seem to comfort DS and leads to him vomiting most of the time
Cuddles and letting him sleep on us - doesn't really work, he's not a very cuddly baby and doesn't seem to get much comfort out of it

I'm now trying to cut out dairy to see if that helps but im struggling without cake or chocolates when Im feeling quite down and exhausted. Obviouslygiven up alcohol because I occasionally feed him lying down..

Any tips? People seem to think it's quite a funny problem but it's really getting me down, DP and me are knackered (DP helps but he's a HGV driver and I worry about him not getting enough sleep so I do the wakesups in the night) and DS seems exhausted and miserable. It's affecting how bonded and affectionate I feel towards him too although I know it's not his fault sad

Sorry for long post, needed to get it out. Thanks xxxxxxxxx

Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 09:03:35

Sorry forgot to add - I wondered if it could be reflux, he does posset after feeding lying down but not much vomit otherwise. He coughs a lot. Have tried propping his mattress up but made no difference.

minipie Mon 30-Jul-18 09:05:30

Silly q but are you winding him and if so does he get much out?

How is his latch? Has he been checked for tongue tie, and if so by whom? Do you have a fast let down (v squirty boobs) or oversupply?

Raisinbrain Mon 30-Jul-18 09:08:02

Have you tried reducing stimulation as well? This article is worth a read. Crying means they swallow more air it becomes a cycle.

minipie Mon 30-Jul-18 09:10:00

Forgot to add, you have my sympathy- I had a similar experience with DD1 and to some extent DD2 and it was miserable. Not funny at all. In their case it was caused by tongue tie (fixed by snip) and my fast let down (improved by feeding lying down and catching initial spray in a muslin).

2good Mon 30-Jul-18 09:10:55

I could have literally written this post myself! The 20 minute sleeps followed by screaming in pain are enough to drive anyone insane. Mine does that too- the wind seems to be very painful, also before and after dirty nappy. Wish I could offer some advice but we've tried all the same...
One thing someone suggested was walk around with baby in sling as much as possible to break down the wind. I try and do that but my back is killing me, and energy levels are very low on zero sleep!

minipie Mon 30-Jul-18 09:11:06

Sorry another question, how often is he pooing? Does he seem better after a poo?

Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 09:18:39

Thank you for replying!!
@minipie I do wind him - tend to get one big burp out (better since starting infacol) but doesn't seem to affect the farts... his latch has been checked lots and a lactation consultant and surgeon both assessed him for tongue tie and said he had none. I have tried to check my letdown and haven't noticed any squirting... could check again.. Im using nipple shields after my nips got raw and bloody after first week of feeding. He poos every other day or so but doesn't seem to make a difference to howcomfortable he is...

Thanks Raisinbrain I've seen that article before, v interesting. We try to keep stimulation v low - spend days going for walks in his buggy and have a real wind down innhe evening, all night feeds done in v dim lighting with no talking or eye contact where possible...

2good sorry you're going through it too!!

LittleTipple Mon 30-Jul-18 09:34:22

This sounds very much like my DC. It was indeed reflux with them (they also had tongue tie which meant a lot of air was getting in, making them gassy too). It could be silent reflux if there isn't much sick. Which means they get the pain of the acid, but aren't actually sick. Symptoms were crying during feeding, arching back a lot, not liking being flat, restless, irritable. I would recommend a visit to the GP to check for tongue tie and to discuss reflux possibility. They would prob start with gaviscon, but a lot of babies get constipated with this. After gaviscon they prescribe ranitidine, which you give by syringe. This was our life saver and by about 5 months, all was good. If it is reflux, they do grow out of it as their system develops and digestion improves. It won't last forever!

LittleTipple Mon 30-Jul-18 09:39:10

Sorry OP meant to say coughing can also be a symptom of reflux. x

owltrousers Mon 30-Jul-18 09:40:19

It may be a controversial option but when my DS has really bad trapped wind we use a windi, its this little whistle like device that you can use to help them expel the wind.

Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 11:56:58

Thanks @littletipple - DS has been assessed for tongue tie several times but do you think if it is reflux it could be linked to the gas regardless?

@owltrousers how do they work?

arbrighton Mon 30-Jul-18 13:13:21

My DS was like this at that age, it didn't last long, I promise. It's often just them getting used to their digestive system.

No reflux, some epic projectile vomiting but more to do with my fast flow and his shallow latch.

Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 14:52:08

THanks @arbrighton hos would I know if I had a fast flow? She has occasionally choked on my breast a bit could that be a sign?

Dizzzydaisy Mon 30-Jul-18 14:53:26

Forgot to add (sorry sleep deprivation) that I've tried a dummy as well which sometimes he takes and sometimes doesn't.

LaBelleSausage Mon 30-Jul-18 14:56:55

I was going to suggest the dairy. Please bear in mind it’s a month before you’ll see a change as it’s two weeks Tom get out of your system and another two weeks for the baby, so although it’s hard, it’s worth stocking up on things you can have like dark chocolate and oreos so that you don’t grab the wrong thing and set yourself back x

LittleTipple Mon 30-Jul-18 15:59:26

OP I think gas can be related to reflux. It could just be that he is extremely windy. My HV did say to me it is something that most babies suffer with to some extent. I remember it taking ages to wind my two and even if we thought we'd done it, 20 mins later we'd realise there was still wind to come up. Something that also worked well with DC1 was gripe water. That used to make him more comfortable.

Dizzzydaisy Tue 31-Jul-18 01:38:55

Thanks @Sausage so frustrating having to prepare two separate meals ATM one for DP and DDs one for me confused

Thanks @littletipple my DDs never had probs with wind (lots of other probs though!!) so maybe I'm not winding enough, I usually stop at one burp.

DS been crying and squirming on and off for hours already. Long night ahead sad

Dizzzydaisy Wed 01-Aug-18 01:17:57

Bump anyone there? Please help I'm out of my mind with sleep deprivation

FiresideTreats Wed 01-Aug-18 01:45:31

Sounds very similar to my DS who is now almost 3 months. He would spend hours each night lifting his lefts and making a straining noise, eventually getting more and more worked up. What has eventually worked is using a swaddle (we use Miracle Swaddle blanket) for the first half of the night. It's done up tightly on his top half but has a little pouch for the legs to keep the hips free. Anyway it has made a world of difference - don't really understand how but it has. It's not a miracle cure, he does still have problems farting at night but getting one good stretch of about 5 hours sleep from when he goes down is a godsend.
We have been using it since he was about 7 weeks and I have read some horror stories about weaning them off it once they start to roll but it's worth it for now. Also as your LO's digestive system starts to mature hopefully you will see a difference. Mine is definitely less windy in the day now than he was a month ago. Good luck x

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 01-Aug-18 02:03:34

This probably isn't that helpful but here goes...

It sounds really normal and like both my babies and lots of other babies I know. I really think that it's just down to digestive tract maturity and that it will get better by itself over the next 4-6 weeks.

CMPA is possible but based on the symptoms you have said, doesn't seem that likely. Do you or your dp have a history of asthma/eczema/hay fever/food allergy? Does your baby have eczema, abnormal nappies or any other symptoms? If it is cmpa there would usually be a pretty dramatic improvement of symptoms within a week of you and baby cutting out dairy... I'm not trying to second guess you... it took me 10 weeks to persuade my doctor that ds had cmpa so I know how it feels trying to convince other people! But then, giving up chocolate when you don't have to is very bad!!

2good Thu 02-Aug-18 22:11:57

Hi dizzydaisy just wanted to let you know in case it could be something similar for you, we went to a consultant paediatrition today and she diagnosed 'silent reflux' and has prescribed 'Zantac' medication for it. The screaming, not sleeping, arching back etc are all due to the milk going down, mixing with her stomach acid, and the acid coming up and burning her little throat. The passing wind and painful bowel movements are related to the colic which she also has but the pain is most likely from the acid. I would recommend getting it checked out if you can

Dizzzydaisy Fri 03-Aug-18 03:13:24

Thanks everyone. @2good glad you got some answers, let me know if the Zantac works for you! Hope it does

@fireside thank you will try swaddling. The thought of a five hour stretch is unreal, I don't get more than 45 mins at the moment on our best night!

@Lorelai you may well be right and it's normal - so hard to know when you're in the thick of it!! Have been off the dairy two weeks now and no real improvement, not sure if I've given it long enough. Don't seem to be other symptoms and DP or I don't have allergies...

Brownieb Fri 03-Aug-18 04:11:57

We had similar and get 5 hours stretches by- massage by rubbing clockwise on belly and gently pushing legs up and then to each side 7 seconds each, then warm bath before bed, infacol, winding until his not tense anymore - rubbing up and down back and patting, no dairy for me, swaddling and white noise machine. We inclined his bed and this helped a lot. Most importantly I feed him with him at an angle so his stomach is as low as possible in comparison to his head so it’s really hard to swallow air in the first place. Wow I didn’t realise how complicated it had gotten- however he only gets up twice a night that way - bed at 8:30- feed at about 12 and about 4. He is 9 weeks and was premature so has significant digestive troubles.

Brownieb Fri 03-Aug-18 04:19:39

Oh and dummy when he sticks his tongue out - he seems to take it when he needs it

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