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Help me wean my 18 month DD off milk!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 14-Jul-18 18:22:56

If it’s affecting her appetite, I’d start switching. I found it asker to drop the first feed first as we could offer breakfast instead. If she asks for milk when you’re dropping a feed, just give sone in a cup along with the meal.

crazychemist Sat 14-Jul-18 15:27:58

Could it be thirst/comfort?

Also - does it matter? If she is eating in addition I don't think it's a problem to get a lot of her calories from milk, it's perfectly natural at that age. Are you happy with her health generally?

Newbie21 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:36:45

Is she drinking the milk from a bottle? If so I would suggest changing the milk to a sippy cup and trying to drop one milk feed at a time. My ds is nearly 2 and has milk in morning with his breakfast and milk before bed but during the day he sometimes ask for milk and I give it which I think is ok. But if it effects appetite then good to reduce. But note that in the heat they are more inclined to drink than eat. The bottle may be the main comfort rather than the milk.

gingerbiscuitqueen Thu 12-Jul-18 20:36:59

Any tips/ advice would be really appreciated.

DD is 18 months old and still has 4 bottles of milk a day blush (6oz roughly each time)

She has three meals a day , a water sippy cup and I always have snacks ready to hand but she still asks for milk!

I'm worried she is using it more as a comforter than anything but it definitely effects her appetite.

Can anyone help me? Should I just let her naturally wean herself off it?

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