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Tongue tie? Who to ask?

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hotcookie Fri 06-Jul-18 07:46:34


My baby is 10wo. She is EBF and has been gaining weight well. We had some issues at the start and I had a very sore nipple, and we had lots of fussiness, with a shallow latch. I also have oversupply and forceful let down.
Feeding has mostly settled (in that its not painful & nipples are ok) but she still comes off the nipple multiple times during a feed (and immediately tries to relatch) my nipples are pointed afterwards, and sometimes sore, but no cracks/bleeding, and sometimes she really doesn't seem to be able to latch at first (just slips off)
She was chewing my finger this morning and when I gently felt under her tongue there did feel like there was a small tight band under her tongue, so I'm wondering if she could have a tongue tie.

But as she is gaining weight fine I don't know whether anything would be done about it even if she does. And who do I ask-my HV, or my GP. I can still contact my midwife if I want, but obviously we've been discharged from that service.


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InNeedOfALieInNow Fri 06-Jul-18 07:57:10

A lactation consultant. Look onthe ilcbc website to find one and they’ll be able to point you to the best nearby services

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 06-Jul-18 08:06:07

I had a tongue tied baby and didn’t have cracked or sore nipples either and he did gain weight, just never bloody slept!

If you are going to a Lactation Consultant, just make sure it is one who specialises in Tongue Tie. Another alternative would be to contact a Tongue Tie Practitioner smile

hotcookie Fri 06-Jul-18 08:15:20


I forgot to say i did see a lC but she didn't look for tongue tie I don't think (and is now on mat leave herself) she was checked my midwife assistant and like i said she can move her tongue but it feels like there is a band underneath

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hotcookie Fri 06-Jul-18 08:54:31

and there is a tongue tie assessment clinic at my local hospital but I don't know whether HV or GP is more likely to send me there.

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