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Expressing for nursery

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Pikehau Thu 05-Jul-18 08:12:39

Hi (posted in children’s health about the vomit bug in my house...)

So following here is the back story

i am due back to work Wednesday.

Ds 12months has been down with bug (other 2 didn’t get vomit bugs till 2yrs plus so this has thrown me!)

His tummy appears to be taking time to recover and is sick if he feeds too much at say 2am and through the day it’s mainly bm he has and hasn’t been given plain food- rice, baked tinfoil chicken etc

So my post is this:

Expressing - I had this genius idea to express and give him that at nursery (clearly if he is well enough to go - no problem missing work)

However in rubbish at expressing - have a medela swing

When is best time to express and how long does it take most people to get a good amount?

Considering I have not expressed for 6 years when struggling with dc1 should I just give up this notion? Clearly I have plenty milk- maybe not patience!

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MonkeysMummy17 Thu 05-Jul-18 08:20:30

I found the most effective way to wait until a missed feed and then to start expressing by hand before putting the electric pump on. Not sure about the medela swing but on mine you can adjust suction and speed so I'd start with higher suction on lower speed then as the flow started I'd up the speed and ease off a bit on the suction.
Hope he gets over the bug soon!

Okaassan Thu 05-Jul-18 08:25:18

I always fine the best time to express is straight after an early morning feed (4, 5 or 6am) these are the golden hours for milk supply.

Pikehau Thu 05-Jul-18 08:42:57

Great thanks for the tips!

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