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Help - bottle feeding /using powder when out.

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Drchinnery Wed 27-Jun-18 21:52:42

I just use a small thermos of boiling water then if I know I'm going somewhere I couldn't ask for cold water bring some cold water and a small bowl to cool it in. I use the thermos at home too so I have hot water ready for next bottle. I've tried the mixing hot and cold but found i could never get it quite right.

mehhh Wed 27-Jun-18 17:34:51

(Somehow managed to do the strike through text - didn't mean to do that!) x

mehhh Wed 27-Jun-18 17:34:14

I did do the two flask thing but it was so much of a faff and my dd refuses bottles constantly... so I have always made bottles with boiling water: make 1 when I'm leaving and let it cool (if I know she's just had one and won't want it soon), then either take a mini flask for the next or just ask in a cafe/bar whereever I am for some boiling water and make up the next one, just letting them cool on their own between feeds-- or if it's not cooled fast enough I just run it under a tap or ask for a jug of cold water to stand it in

After reading these posts I might just do the cooled boiled going forward -- (I also always wondered what the temp was of the water when I saw mums adding the powder, cooling slightly and then feeding)

I also have the tt machine it's such a godsend!!!

WooYa Wed 27-Jun-18 17:18:58

I take a flask of hot water and make it up around 30mins before DS is due a feed - he feeds like clockwork though. If your DD is less routiney (? Sounds like a word ha) then I would take hot and cold as pp wrote.

TroubledLichen Wed 27-Jun-18 17:13:16

So if you want to do it properly and hit all the guidelines, you take two flasks; one with hot water, one with cool boiled water, a sterilised bottle and the powder. Add hot water to bottle, add formula, shake to mix, then top up with the cool water, mix again. Voila drinking temperature bottle and powder has been sterilised with hot water, just like what the PP machine does. In reality most people I know that don’t use ready made (obviously not an option for you) just use cool boiled water in the bottle and add the powder like the people you’ve seen at baby groups. Where I live in the US the paediatrician recommends doing it like that with just the cool boiled water so it can’t be that bad.

beachandsunshine567 Wed 27-Jun-18 17:05:25

Hi All,
Up until recently and after breastfeeding failed in the early weeks. I decided to buy the ready made bottles of formula. I know , pretty expensive but it saved my sanity after a difficult start. Anyway fast forward, we've had to move my LG onto CPMA formula as she may be allergic or it's a just blip from a virus.

Anyway I'm in a bit of a tizzy for when I'm out and about. I've bought the perfect prep machine at home but in terms of mixing powder with hot water are you ladies carrying around a flask of hot water and cool water? I'm sure I've just seen people at baby groups popping the powder into a bottle that already holds water, so this won't be over the 70 degrees. So worried that I'll do something wrong, but logistically are you taking out hot and cold water?
Thanking you in advance xxx

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