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Breastfeeding and Fake boobs

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LittleAce Wed 27-Jun-18 12:09:08

FTM, due in September and very excited.

I'm just curious really, has anyone breastfed after having a breast augmentation? If so, how did it affect your boobs afterwards?

I know this may seem selfish but I'm inclined to FF solely as I don't want my boobs destroyed at the end of it... any advice/experiences would be appreciated smile

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 27-Jun-18 22:42:03

Firstly Bfing doesn’t destroy your boobs, pg will do that for you. Mine are absolutely fine and I’ve fed two smile

I think it depends on what type of augmentation you’ve had. I’d call one of the Bfing Helplines and talk everything through with a BFC. Have you got the helpline numbers?

LittleAce Tue 03-Jul-18 19:22:04

@JiltedJohnsJulie I had under the muscle. I wasn't aware there are BFing helplines? Sorry I'm a complete noob to this!

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Bea1985 Tue 03-Jul-18 19:31:06

Don't know anything about bf with breast implants ...Just wanted to add that whatever your reasons for FF , you are not selfish ! It's fine to FF for any reason you like. If you want to bf however, I'm sure someone will be along to help.I bet your surgeon could advise?!

LittleAce Tue 03-Jul-18 19:50:02

Thank you @Bea1985

I seem to be villanised for even suggesting FF by the midwife. I think the surgeon is a good shout, I'll give him a call tomorrow ☺️

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LemonScentedStickyBat Tue 03-Jul-18 19:52:54

Definitely talk to your surgeon first. It will depend on what has happened with your milk ducts!

Floozymum Tue 03-Jul-18 20:04:44

I BF'd with implants. My boobs actually look better afterwards, the shape seems a bit more natural! But there isn't much difference really, other than they got absolutely massive and still are a little bigger than before. Which will still happen as your milk will come in regardless of whether to BF or not.

I'm also a cosmetic nurse so in terms of being able to breast feed, there shouldn't be any problem at all, implants do not affect the milk ducts as they are always underneath the breast tissue. It's only really a reduction or reconstruction where you might have issues.

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