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How to prepare lactose free formula

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hereagain99 Sat 23-Jun-18 16:59:40

Hi mumsneters, I know it is a very silly question and that the pot comes with instructions however I know people tend to prepare them and store them in the fridge or boiled the water and put it in the bottle ready to add the powder when needed.

I would love to know what is the safest way of doing it. We are EBF our 8 weeks old DD, however She has lactose intolerance and even though I have removed all lactose from my diet and we are giving her lactase enzyme drops, it doesn't seem to be working. She is still in pain and crying so we have decided to give lactose free milk a go. We are planning for me to pump my milk while giving her the bottle and see if it improves in a few days. However we would like to know the best way of preparing the bottles without having to prepare as and when we need them.

Any help and advice welcome. Thanks

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eurochick Sat 23-Jun-18 17:02:29

The powder is supposed to be mixed with 70 degree water as it is not sterile so boiling water then cooling it is pointless. We did the perfect prep method - mix powder with some just boiled water and then top up with cooled boiled water. Shake to mix. You use trial and error to get the right temp for your baby.

Owletterocks Sun 24-Jun-18 17:56:50

Hi, are you sure she has lactose intolerance? It’s very rare in babies. She is much more likely to have cows milk protein intolerance and you will need to cut out dairy for that, not just lactose.

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