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There must be a way to give up breastfeeding

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tealandteal Fri 22-Jun-18 00:27:22

My DS is nearly 11 months old and I really want to stop bf now. He has 8 teeth and it hurts so much. He screams for it at night and it seems impossible to settle him. I feel life it will make our already sleepless nights worse. Is it possible?

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Wetwashing00 Fri 22-Jun-18 00:34:00

At 11 months my DS was helping himself throughout the night. I barely had to wake up but it did eventually start to disrupt my sleep.
Although he was almost 2 at this point. He would never take a bottle, so I just slept on my front and when he tried to feed I just wouldn’t roll over. Sometimes he would get frustrated but I stuck to it and he eventually stopped trying... I swiftly moved him into his own bed after that.

Wetwashing00 Fri 22-Jun-18 00:35:08

If he is intentionally biting you I would stop the feed and say No.

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