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breast feeding clothes

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nickiey Wed 23-May-07 19:12:09

Im looking to get some summer stuff, I normally order from but had come across today and wondered if anyone else had dealt with them.
Failing that anyone know of any decent breast feeding clothes shops, pretty please!

Califrau Wed 23-May-07 19:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amidaiwish Wed 23-May-07 19:28:22

i had these in every colour, great for summer as they don't roll up here

apart from that i didn't have any specific bf clothes

determination Wed 23-May-07 23:15:38

i got a vest top and a tina nursing top from here

Also bought some from figleaves

H&M have some nice stuff and the prices are good to.

chilledmama Wed 23-May-07 23:33:09

H&M here but I mainly used \link[\Expressiva}

they have a lot of stuff and postage is very reasonable from US. If you use, make sure you order in small batches so that you don't get asked to pay duty on it!

chilledmama Wed 23-May-07 23:34:22

lets try that once more...


chilledmama Wed 23-May-07 23:35:58

my link still not working but anyway it's

Muminfife Wed 23-May-07 23:37:37

Message withdrawn

chilledmama Wed 23-May-07 23:43:44

the xpressiva stuff is double fronted so no poppers...the H&M stuff is popper style but not straight across under boobs (which I think looks rubbish and shouts GETTING MY PAPS OUT!!) Also I've been told that H&M tops no good if you have big norks...I'm reasonably big and have no trouble but my friend is around an F/G cup when feeding and can't seem to find them comfortable.

nickiey Thu 24-May-07 09:04:02

Agree, im an E cup and the H&M stuff is a bit rubbish for my oobs

kateyp Thu 24-May-07 09:38:05

These people were very good mummylooksfab

Quick delivery and very friendly service. They stock expressiva tops too.

nickiey Thu 24-May-07 09:53:18

Yeah I did look at mummylooksfab but nothing cought my eye-I bite the bullet last night and ordered from, I shall report back here when I get the stuff

Swizzler Thu 24-May-07 09:55:57

DS is 7 1/2 months and I really can't be arsed with b/f tops etc. - just get norks out wherever! I used to go for the vest top under normal top, but stopped worrying about it by the time DS was a few months old.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 24-May-07 09:56:19

Breastfeeding clothes??

The only thing you can't really wear is dresses (unless they have poppers or buttons at the front or a neck you can hoick down - that would work).

Just wear tops in a slightly larger size than normal. loose or stretchy is easier than fitten woven ones.

If you're worried about being discreet, a cardie or shirt worn over anything will provide plenty of cover.

You really don't need to spend money on special clothes.

nickiey Thu 24-May-07 11:36:57

I get what your saying about wearing a cardie or having a blanket to hand but I find that just impractical for me, my boobs are huge, i have rolls of fat-i dont want to hoick (sp?) clothes up and reveal them, I also dont want to be permenantly in baggy shapeless clothes. ds is 8 months old now and still feeding 5 times a dayish.
I am on the go alot and often Bf walking around etc it is just easier for me to wear stuff designed for that purpose. plus as a big girl generally if i started wearing baggy stuff etc i would be the size of a house!

bigmouthstrikesagain Thu 24-May-07 11:53:06

I am a dd cup and have a couple of tops from mamaway which I really like - they are good to have on when out for the day etc. pretty colours,comfortable and the design doesn't shout 'breastfeeding'I have a couple of ugly layered tops from various maternity wear brands - they never get worn.

but now I have been feeding for a long time (couple of years non-stop with two kids in quick succession) I tend to wear whatever top I can pull up easily and can sttill feed fairly discretely (sometimes wear my topshop maternity bands to hide my slightly wrinklytum)I also advise patterned layers in light cotton for summer (eg. blouse over vest top)cos they dry quickly if you have leakage and the pattern helps hide damp patches.

chilledmama Thu 24-May-07 13:33:09

KatieP- Thanks for that link...good to know you can finely get expressiva in UK...

Guitargirl Thu 24-May-07 22:00:53

I get mine are from JoJo Maman Bebe

Pannacotta Fri 25-May-07 17:26:39

Am watching this with interest as am bit shy about feeding in public. I don't get on with bfeeding tops (did try with DS1) but need to find more tops which you can pull up to feed in without exposing too much flesh. Anyone got any suggestions for where you can find good tops for this? Have got a few from H&M and Top Shop but was hoping for some patterned ones too as they hide any leakage...

Swizzler Fri 25-May-07 19:44:38

Pannacotta: am wearing nice smock-type tope from Primark (stripy) which is great for bfing as lots of material to hide tummy. Dotty P has some long t-shirt tops as well.

Indith Fri 25-May-07 19:48:18

I wear a vest top under normal tops, Monsoon have some very pretty yet stretchy camisoles. Top goes up, vest goes down. No tummy or anything else on show.

Guitargirl Fri 25-May-07 19:55:35

Indith - I do exactly the same, very quick, no fiddling and totally discrete, just make sure the vest is big and stretchy enough to pull down comfortably.

MummyOnTheEdge Fri 25-May-07 20:15:58

Indith & Guitargirl - me too. Maybe not as glamorous, but M&S do a good range of coloured vests for £6. GAP also do some good if basic ones.

Pannacotta Fri 25-May-07 21:28:29

Do you wear a nursing bra plus vest? Is this not a bit of a faff if you have a screaming baby desperate for a feed? (Am still at that stage at the mo....)

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