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Breastfeeding with Mastitis

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beckypic Mon 11-Jun-18 03:36:30


I have Mastitis is my left breast.
I am trying to offer this breast evenly however it is agony to feed off. However my baby doesn't seem to get enough from this breast?

He'll feed for either hours and still be hungry (and my breast still be engorged)

Or he will only feed for 5 minutes and give up.

When he feeds from my left he feeds for about 30 mind max and drains the breast and is happy.

Any ideas on what to do as I don't want to leave my infected breast full.

I have tried hand expressing and I can't get much out and I can't really get anything with a breast pump either.



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londongirl12 Mon 11-Jun-18 03:53:17

Have too tried massaging with a warm compress? It helps clear any blocked ducts.

silkybear Mon 11-Jun-18 04:06:00

lie in hot bath as hot as you can stand, try massaging the infected one then get out and use breast pump straight away. heat seems to help alot. Also try cabbage leaves straight from fridge placed into bra...seriously helps. I'm sorry for you it sucks sad

Drchinnery Mon 11-Jun-18 07:07:33

I've had 2 bouts of it so feel your pain! But the more you feed from it the easier the pain gets as baby is best at clearing. I just offered that breast first then the other after. Use heat on it I used to get in bath or shower and hand express just to take the pressure off if baby hadn't cleared it or use a hot compress and express

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