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Considering dairy free - unsure!

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Ekphrasis Sat 09-Jun-18 07:56:47

I'm ebf my almost 4 week old. I think a lot of any wind/ reflux is early chances to milk flow / being new etc. His tongue is ok, the mildest of Tts but I agree with the lactation consultant that it's not really worth a cut (I'd have to go private) - he can stick his tongue right out, lick lips etc. His skin is fine bar a few tiny spots on his face. He does seem to swallow air no matter how much I work on latch but mostly burps do come up if I'm on top of them.

He was elcs as we were told he could be a bit mucousy for a week or so which he was; failed his first hearing test.

However he's very snotty and snuffly from around 4 am till he's up and about. He's been like this since birth. This interferes with feeds as he swallows a lot of air and he gets generally very sicky. He just wants to sleep bless him! Isn't hugely asking for milk though I do offer to help clear/ calm although then this can lead to more wind if he's snuffly and gulpy.

We did wonder if he had a bit of a cold this week as his voice is croaky but tbh I can't really say he definitely did/ does.

Any thoughts on cutting out dairy? I feel I'd see more issues.

anotherangel2 Sat 09-Jun-18 08:44:09

You can always try it. Remember to make sure you are getting lots of calcium and vitamin D. I recommend oatly barista milk as a replacement for you.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 09-Jun-18 09:49:15

Being unsettled from 4am is normal baby behaviour unfortunately for you OP smile

If he’s croaky try giving the room a thorough hoover, including the mattresses and damp dust. I’d be tempted to take him to the GP to be checked over too just in case he has a throat or ear infection.

Going DF won’t hurt though. Have a read of what Kellymom has to say on dairy intolerance and like anothersngel2 says, make sure you take a decent calcium and vitamin d supplement smile

arbrighton Sat 09-Jun-18 12:48:36

Mine was snuffly and windy.

I had a fast flow and so he had shallow latch

My supply settled and he got bigger and it stopped being a problem.

Given he has TT, latch will most likely need work surely? I think you'd see more issues with pain and content/ number of dirty nappies before warranting such a bit change

Ekphrasis Tue 12-Jun-18 14:27:08

Thanks for your responses smile

@arbrighton, what do you mean regarding nappies? He poos constantly, though it's yellow.

Skin still fine; I know my let down is an issue. He's refluxy but mainly afte feeds so to be expected (tends to stuff himself) and isn't upset by it.

Old burps really upset him; it's v hard to get them up sometimes.

I've been looking at latch constantly , I actually think the let down is the main issue. Still querying if dairy free might help though!!

With my first son it took many months for him to cope with my let down but he had a bad tt and was much smaller.

arbrighton Tue 12-Jun-18 14:48:20

oh we had to change ds nappy at that age all the time but korma/ seedy is fine. Is there blood or mucus?

I think work on latch and perhaps catching letdown in a muslin might be an easier thing to try.

We used infacol to help ds wind

Ekphrasis Wed 13-Jun-18 21:07:12

Thanks ar- no blood or mucous though a couple of odd nappies today.

I think I've worked out this is a bit of oversupply again; I had it all badly with ds plus his tt - this isn't as bad but he's put on 3lb 2oz in a month (google says 1.5 to 2 lb in first month?) and is enormous, almost on the 91st centile after being born on just above 50th. (Everyone gasped at a baby class today when I said he was 4 weeks!)

He's choking and puking and grunting and groaning and getting v upset, but sleeping. I did as you said and caught lots of milk in a Muslin earlier. Also reverse pressuring before a feed and pressing areola to help if needed during feed. (I've read a lot of sources! Mostly lll.)

I'm not block feeding but I'm being mindful of returning to a breast within an hour / returning to same breast first. Had a terrible gassy morning but this afternoon and eve after doing this has been much more chilled. I also found out I'm on a bit too much thyroxine which dr google seems to think can possibly be a bit of a trigger.

I know not to mess about too much with supply but I also want a happier baby!

He hates infacol and dentinox with a passion but seems to like gripe water so might try that occasionally!

letstryagainaaahhhh Wed 13-Jun-18 21:51:14

Going dairy free did help us, but it takes a couple of weeks. I also recommend excluding soya too. For snuffles, we have found a humidifier a life saver.

TheyCanGoInTheBucket Mon 18-Jun-18 08:01:46

I came on here to write Avery similar post OP.

DS is 3 weeks, EBF, and spends every morning from 4am-7am making all sorts of odd noises. He sounds like an old man trying to poop. So much grunting, but is asleep!!!

I was also considering going dairy free, but on reading this maybe it's just normal? One of my boobs has the let down speed of a fire hydrant 😔 I wind DS but he doesn't always bring anything up.

Has the issue resolved for you? Did you go dairy free in the end?

Ekphrasis Thu 21-Jun-18 11:33:12

Hi they no I haven't in the end though kept dithering.

If he's asleep don't worry! We are still getting a bit of this but it's improved dramatically since I started doing baby massage regularly . Tbh a good stint on YouTube is you need there though I've been going to classes.

He is refluxy in a normal way but also I read an article that helped me realise that, as one of the things I'd wondered, it's really my strong let down that's is a big issue, as it creates wind.

He's started to get better at getting it up but sometimes it doesn't for a long time and that's when it's 'bad reflux'. So it's trying to manage that. As he's put on soooo much weight I do sometimes offer an empty breast to sooth back to sleep if I know he's had a lot for example. He tells me if he's really hungry!

He also has a habit of using me to get poos out which causes merry hell with latch and more wind etc.

Ekphrasis Thu 21-Jun-18 11:41:27

This article and a few others.

Ekphrasis Thu 21-Jun-18 14:18:37

Sorry the only other thing I did was give 3 drips of Biogaia probiotics on mon and two on tues, did seem to make it easier to poo but also made them runnier so I didn't use them yesterday. Great night but lots of wind today so I gave one.

I've mixed feelings about them tbh. However he's on prophylactic antibiotics so it was suggested I try them.

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