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What is your 2 year olds favourite meal?

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WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 30-May-18 16:54:04

I seem to give 20month old dd the same meals over and over.
Please give me your lo’s favourite meals to save us from the boredom


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Thesearmsofmine Wed 30-May-18 16:57:28

Pasta and meatballs, toad in the hole, chicken Katsu, homemade pizza with veg sticks, fajitas, fish pie.

Colbu24 Wed 30-May-18 16:58:15

Even to this day he loves a plate with bits. For example yesterday he had cucumber, avocado, strawberries, grapes, cold meats and cheese and crackers.
He is 12 now.
The bits are different all the time sometimes it's a little soup. Chicken, a taco.
Possibilities are endless.

Thesearmsofmine Wed 30-May-18 16:59:33

Yes I do a plate of bits for lunch most days.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 30-May-18 20:38:02

Thank you. I forgot I’d started this.

I do lots of picky bits often too.

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DollyDayScream Wed 30-May-18 21:22:43

Veg sticks
Grilled chicken/fish with potatoes and salad/veg
Home made egg fried rice with chicken, baby corn and peppers.
Corn on the cob.
Pasta with garlic bread and salad.
Picnic food.

tappitytaptap Fri 01-Jun-18 22:02:39

Hummus, pitta and olives. Homemade pizza (me and DH like this one too). Roast type meals. All sorts of pasta dishes and bakes, and you can add lots of veg to them too. I just give DS what we're eating and as we have a reasonably varied diet so does he!

Thecomfortador Mon 04-Jun-18 09:12:07

Cauliflower cheese, sausage casserole and mash, pasta and tomatoey sauce, chicken breast in breadcrumbs, fish pie.

This is the kid who didn't eat until 21 months, now we sit waiting for him to finish his secondses.

TitsalinaBumsquat Mon 04-Jun-18 09:17:01

My 2 year olds favourites are chill and rice, lasagne and bangers, mash and veg with gravy

Purple999Red Thu 07-Jun-18 08:34:29

He loves to eat cookies, vegetable sticks, chicken and pasta.

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