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Overweight 9 month old baby

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rab3331 Mon 28-May-18 03:23:15

Our foster baby came to us for the second time a week ago weighing 10.4 kilos. Her grandmother who had been looking after her for two months is morbidly obese as well as not being able to cope. The problem I now have is that bubs is too heavy to carry for more than a few yards unless I use both arms which means I then can’t carry anything else. Even a handbag and change bag over my shoulder becomes too much. Getting her into the car seat is a challenge and I wonder how long my back is going to hold out. If I had been her birth mum then I would have developed muscles as she grew (but then if I had been her birth Mum I expect she wouldn’t be overweight).
Question is, does anyone know a safe diet I can put her on? She loves her Formula which I have been diluting. I have also given her diluted fresh juice as she doesn’t like water and a mashed banana for breakfast, spaghetti hoops and mash for lunch (small portion) and small jar of apple and oatmeal for supper. She doesn’t seemed to have been given much in the way of solids so the usual apple pieces, carrot sticks are probably over ambitious at this stage.
Any tips welcome!

MessyBun247 Mon 28-May-18 03:30:20

Doooooooont dilute formula!!!

OkyDoke Mon 28-May-18 03:38:04

So just over 22lbs? Doesn't sound overweight to me. A big baby but not too big.

GinIsIn Mon 28-May-18 03:38:20

Spaghetti hoops are full of salt and sugar and processed - they need to go and so does juice. Do NOT dilute formula. I would focus on nutrition rather than weight loss, and try to get a varied and balanced diet established. I would also suggest you get to the gym and do some core and arm work, because it’s going to end up hurting your back otherwise. So for breakfast, try toast fingers with peanut butter, and some berries. Lunch - scrambled egg with roasted tomatoes and some chopped wilted spinach, supper - soft, homemade fishcakes and well steamed broccoli florets.

Thespringsthething Mon 28-May-18 03:42:03

Talk to the HV and/or GP. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't put any child on a diet, just feed them healthily then allow their natural growth to even things out.

The food you describe doesn't have much in the way of protein. I wouldn't dilute formula.

Greenwomanofmay Mon 28-May-18 04:22:10

She doesn’t sound overweight and needing 2 arms to carry a baby this age is normal. Talk to your hv and please don’t dilute her formula
Stop using a handbag and put everything in the changing bag to reduce what needs carrying.

Mamaryllis Mon 28-May-18 04:35:36

Doesn’t sound overweight at all. What centile is that?
This is a troll thread right? No one puts a baby on a diet because they have to carry them with two arms?

And spaghetti hoops and juice?

This had better be a troll.

Mamaryllis Mon 28-May-18 04:36:25

My tip is that you shouldn’t have been approved to foster babies,


Faroutbrussel Mon 28-May-18 04:43:34

I remember my DS making my wrists hurt from picking him up at that age, I reckon he was about the same weight, we did baby led weaning as he was never keen on the puréed food so so started on chopped fruit and veggies, meat and cheeses.

MollyHuaCha Mon 28-May-18 05:32:52

Who feeds a baby tinned spaghetti hoops???

weekfour Mon 28-May-18 05:33:11

I’ve had three whopping babies. Will it not fall off when she starts moving? I use a sling for getting from the car to wherever we’re going because it distributes the weight a little better.

Ven83 Mon 28-May-18 05:35:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Psychobabble123 Mon 28-May-18 05:39:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

user1471462428 Mon 28-May-18 05:42:10

My breastfed daughter weighed 9lb at that age so maybe you need to re evaluate your view on whether she is overweight. I too think you need to reconsider whether you should be taking her as you seem to know very little about babies.

user1471462428 Mon 28-May-18 05:43:33

Sorry 19lbs! Not 9

Mrsknackered Mon 28-May-18 05:51:03

I call BS because I’d expect a foster parent to know better.

DryIce Mon 28-May-18 05:51:05

I really hope this is some kind of weird joke. Who talks about putting a 9 month old on a diet??!

That baby is not overweight, she's on the 95th percentile. Diluting formula and feeding hoops is awful.

If you're struggling to hold her, do some strength training. You know she's only going to get bigger

Saz1995 Mon 28-May-18 05:56:29

My 9 month old weighs about the same, he doesn’t need to diet, just needs well balanced healthy food which is what he’s always had.

KatnissK Mon 28-May-18 06:01:09

Well my 11mo weighed more than that at that age. He certainly was / is not overweight - he was tracking his centile. I even asked the GP about it as he seemed so much bigger than babies we know of a similar age and she told me he was perfect. So you're talking utter nonsense.

TammySwansonTwo Mon 28-May-18 06:12:07

You know some babies weigh half that at birth, right? My twins were tiny and didn’t weigh 10kg until they were 18 months, but when I met a Mum in the children’s ward whose baby was 17lb at 4 months old. And he was exclusively breastfed.

If the baby isn’t used to solids, how has the grandmother made the baby “overweight”? Has he been having too much formula? You must not dilute formula under 12 months old, it’s very dangerous.

If he’s having too much formula in 24 hours you need to gradually reduce it and increase the solids, and cut out the processed foods - a good cereal in the morning like porridge or weetabix, and something filling but healthy for lunch and dinner. He will be perfectly capable of finger foods even if hasn’t tried them yet - start with steamed veg so it’s soft, or small fingers of toast to get him used to it.

If he’s not overweight but just a high centile he’s sticking to, you don’t even need to consider reducing his intake. Get a suitable baby carrier. I can’t carry my twins at the same time, let alone anything else, but we still manage to function!

MissReginaPhilange Mon 28-May-18 06:16:02

I hope to Christ this is a joke!

rab3331 Mon 28-May-18 06:25:37

The baby is Aboriginal and is prone therefore to diabetes and a host of other health problems. She has never had solids before and was probably raised on McFlurries. Hence I am taking her health and weight very seriously. She won’t drink water (yet) so I’m slowly diluting her juice more and more until it is basically water. So not a troll no and my husband is a GP so I think we are pretty qualified on the matter of diet/nutrition. We do a difficult job and have made a lot of sacrifices. Just needed to know if anyone out there could relate to the problem of suddenly taking on a big baby when they haven’t developed muscles to cope it.

oldbirdy Mon 28-May-18 06:27:41

My exclusively breastfed DS was 18lb 12oz at 4 months old.

I would recommend a sling to help support her weight, which doesn't sound excessive btw.

rab3331 Mon 28-May-18 06:28:14

Someone who lives in the remote outback of Australia with few resources. Don’t judge until you have the facts.

honeysucklejasmine Mon 28-May-18 06:33:17

If you've not got the resources to feed baby properly, you shouldn't be fostering.

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