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Breastfeeding, topping up with formula and pumping ...

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OstrichRunning Wed 23-May-18 17:51:17

Back to mumsnet for advice. I recently posted a thread about my newborn ds having been in icu on glucose drip first two days after birth to treat low blood sugar. Happily we were both discharged yesterday and this morning we got his v severe tongue tie sorted (thanks to hospital lactation consultant referral and lucky cancellation/available slot first thing). I am determined to move him to exclusive breastfeeding and just wondering if anyone knows

- should I pump for every formula top up he gets? (Have him down to five 30-40 mls top ups today so far, which should work out about 2/3s what he was getting in nicu)
- when will I know it's safe to stop topping up and pumping and just bf? (Finding it tricky to get time to sleep)
- can age affect supply? Milk has def come in and I exclusively bf dd (now 3) but I'm now 42 and getting paranoid. Also never been one to leak loads or get massively engorged boobs)

TIA. Again.

OstrichRunning Thu 24-May-18 07:00:47


villainousbroodmare Thu 24-May-18 07:15:50

I'm about to leave hospital with my 3 day old twins. Thankfully we were able to give ICU a miss but have been topping up with formula. Milk is definitely coming in this morning, I reckon.
I'd really have thought you should now go straight to bf and if he seems hungry or unsettled after a feed, give a little formula. I don't know why you should have to pump now. Unless his latching is still problematic, in which case maybe a starter of ff from a cup just to take the starving edge off, followed by bf.
Clearly am not qualified advisor! wink

throwcushions Thu 24-May-18 08:32:18

No advice but well done. Have you called the nct and nhs breastfeeding helpline? I found them useful. I don't think age affects supply, just make sure you eat well. It might be an old wives tale but I pump and I find I have a better supply on the days I eat oats and I pump loads more when I eat while pumping. Good luck.

OstrichRunning Thu 24-May-18 12:22:55

Thank you.

I'm actually in Ireland so nhs line not available. Maybe there's am Irish version though, will check that out.

My concern with cutting down on formula further is that as I've been doing that, his number of dirty nappies seems to have decreased - 3 day before yesterday, 2 yesterday (second one smaller than one before), none so far today. Today's plan is bf on demand all day long but keep formula intake constant. And hope for a poo.

I forgot about oats! Will make a bowl of porridge now. Thanks throwcushions. Never tried eating while pumping will give that a shot too.

throwcushions Thu 24-May-18 16:15:21

Dirty nappies does slow down but if I recall correctly it's a few weeks post partum. How are wet nappies? Like you I'd be cautious if nappy output isn't absolutely normal.

I also drink loads of water right before and during pumping. And do breast compressions- that is hugely helpful. Kellymom website has a guide to it.

Very best of luck.

ZaphodBeeblerox Thu 24-May-18 16:24:34

I feel v unqualified to advise OP given your specific medical circumstances, but well done to you!

It’s not the number of dirty nappies that matters but wet nappies and weight gain. With DD (born by section at term, formula top ups in hospital on midwife advice) we just cluster fed every evening for the first weeks when home from hospital and it got supply going. Pumping is not equivalent to baby suckling since baby will get more milk than a pump can.

As long as wet nappies continue apace I would slowly lower formula feeds, but also check in with a lactation consultant if you can?

OstrichRunning Thu 24-May-18 21:04:32

Thanks. Linking in with the hospital's breastfeeding clinic next week Zaphod.

Since last posting we've had four dirty nappies! Still giving him one last formula feed at 10 (for the day I mean) but feel more confident now that we'll get there over the next few days or so. Been watching Jack Newman videos on YouTube too, the breast compressions really do seem to help, thanks again for that throwcushions.

I forgot how happy the sight of a poo can make you when you have a newborn grin

throwcushions Thu 24-May-18 22:37:46

Brilliant! So glad to hear it!

icclemunchy Thu 24-May-18 23:03:39

Can you get through to the la leche helpline over there op? Or you may even have a local group.

If you have a look at the lllgb website there's lots of useful info on how to tell baby is getting enough milk and how to get more milk into them so you can start to drop the top ups.

Oh and congratulations!!

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