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Formula feeding at hospital?

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BroTim Sat 19-May-18 23:59:08

Do hospitals have sterilisers and a place to get hot water for baby bottles? I was previously given made up bottles but this time have decided to go with H.A SMA (due to both my previous children having cows milk allergy). I don’t think they’ll have made up bottles of this formula has anyone ever brought their own formula and bottles?

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speakfriendandenter Sun 20-May-18 00:06:54

The hospital I'm giving birth at this time has noticed up saying they will not provide any formula. Whereas with my first child, the hospital provided formula as I was unable to breastfeed.
We are taking a pack of pre-made formula with individual sterile tests to use if breastfeeding doesn't work out. We use Aptamil. I'm not sure if other brands do the same, but it's worth a look. The bottles are single use.

speakfriendandenter Sun 20-May-18 00:08:21

These are what we have.
HTH smile

4GreenApples Sun 20-May-18 00:10:58

The hospital I had my DC in had the cold water sterilisers with the Milton tablets.

But as far as I’m aware, mums had to bring in the ready made formula, as the hospital didn’t provide hot water to make up formula (health and safety reasons).

The sterilisers seemed to be mainly used for sterilising breast pumping stuff.

4GreenApples Sun 20-May-18 00:19:54

If there’s no ready made version of the formula milk you plan on using, then maybe it’d be worthwhile calling the postnatal ward at your hospital and explaining your situation to them?

So you know in advance whether they’ll let you use hot water or if not, if there’s something else they can do to help?

happymummy12345 Sun 20-May-18 00:20:17

It's much easier to have ready made formula for the hospital. As a mum who was 100% certain I would not even try breastfeeding, and who's baby was in hospital for 12 days I know it's much easier to have ready made.

BroTim Sun 20-May-18 00:51:57

My hospital is still doing small bottles free but I want to try this milk from the first feed to make sure if this little one ends up with CMPA like my other children that I tried the only milk marketed to reduce the risk of developing CMPA. I’ll maybe have to bring a flask of boiling water and sterilised bottles with me hopefully I don’t end up with a c section again.

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MeadowHay Sun 20-May-18 15:07:58

My hospital said if we wanted to formula feed we needed to bring our own ready made bottles like the Aptamil starter pack above, that's actually the one I've bought. They do not provide formula nor do they provide fridges to store any bottles of made-up milk and they said that this would mean throwing out loads of wasted milk if we only brought the big jar of powder so advised to bring those ready-made ones.

BexleyRae Sun 20-May-18 15:11:49

My hospital advised not to buy the ready made bottles due to the waste, they had equipment to make up bottles with powder and Milton if mums weren't breastfeeding, so maybe just give them a call

Narya Tue 22-May-18 04:14:33

Give them a call or do a tour if one is available, it really varied a lot. My local hospital had a whole 'milk kitchen' on the postnatal ward which was specifically for making up bottles and sterilising. And this is an area with very high rates of bf. They had kettles and microwave sterilisers, a fridge etc.

Officially they didn't provide formula itself but if you planned to bf and it didn't work they had some of the premade starter bottles.

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