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Which supermarkets stock NAN milk (by Nestle)?

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oldnewmummy Wed 16-May-07 08:25:03

I live in Singapore and will be visiting the UK on holiday for a month. I was planning to get my mum to buy in formula, nappies etc there to save me schlepping them across the world.

I use NAN formala in Singapore, but I don't recall seeing that in the UK. I called their customer services desk here who said it's called the same thing there.

Just checked the ASDA website and no sign of it.

Does anyone know what supermarkets (if any) sell it? Another thread seems to suggest that Nestle products are not sold in the UK, but the Customer Services woman (who sounded pretty clueless) seemed to think it would be OK.

SherlockLGJ Wed 16-May-07 08:28:04

Nestle products are sold in the UK, but I think you will find most MNers do their best to boycott their products.

I have to do the school run, so hopefully someone will be along in a minute to do some links to reasons why we boycott them.

tissy Wed 16-May-07 08:28:40

Nestle products are sold in the UK, but many of us are boycotting them, in protest at the shameful way that Nestle market their formula in the the developing world.

Stargazer Wed 16-May-07 08:29:39

Nestle products are definitely sold in the UK (despite lots of people not wanting them sold - but that's another thread). However, I've never heard of a milk formula called NAN - so I can't help. Maybe someone else will know.

SherlockLGJ Wed 16-May-07 08:30:11

Take sometime to read this, it is an eyeopener. Now I really must go.

fryalot Wed 16-May-07 08:30:43

I found some here for you - you could order it and have it shipped to your mum's

Nbg Wed 16-May-07 08:30:49

I've never heard of Nan before.

Just tried a search on it and all I could find is lots of sites saying that it is marketed at hispanic parents???? and it is widely available in the US. Nothing about UK.

But as the others have said, alot of MN's boycott Nestle.

tissy Wed 16-May-07 08:34:30

The Nestle webste does list NAN HA2 as their brand of follow on milk( and this is It doesn't say where you can get it, though.

oldnewmummy Wed 16-May-07 09:28:26

Ok, I can see your points. And it looks like I'll struggle to find it anyway.

Given that I have to feed my son (and he's adopted so I had no choice about using formula), which of the UK brands are more "ethically acceptable", then I can try and get him onto an equivalent brand here now. Preferably not someone that will make him constipated, as that was why we switched to NAN in the first place.

tiktok Wed 16-May-07 10:27:04

Nestle does not distribute formula in the UK - this is purely a commercial decision on their part, nothing to do with the boycott.

The UK formula market has been 'sewn up' for many years and it is virtually impossible for manufacturers other than the existing Big Names to break into.

You could get it sent to you, I expect, oldnewmummy, or sent to your mum's.

All the formula on sale here is marketed in an unethical way, sorry! Your baby needs it, though, so you have to pick from what's available - there is anecdotal stuff about which brands are more or less likely to cause constipation, but it's very contradictory ie some people find the exact opposite in the same brand. Hope you find something that suits him.

gfeef Tue 21-Jul-15 12:35:25

Found this old thread searching google for the same thing.
Also found solution on (Belgian origin, but selling to UK)

As a note to the ethics. SMA is owned by Nestle and Aptimal also makes C&G - in the same factory no less. Hipp is the only other option widely avalible, but often not openly stocked in supermarkets. We had issues with C&G and SMA. Once abroad we switched from Aptimal to Nan and it's lovely, much preferable to Aptimal, particularly the HA!

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