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Shooting pains/tingling in boobs

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Rach1311 Thu 26-Apr-18 16:28:24

Does anyone else have this? It has been driving me crazy the last few days. Im 7 weeks post partum and breast feeding and the pains can be before or after a feed (never during) and today the tingling/stinging has been constant in both boobs!! It's not overly painful just annoying!! I thought it could be my let down but wouldn't think it would be constant.
It's mainly in the nipples but also can be in breast tissue. What can this be?

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AssassinatedBeauty Thu 26-Apr-18 18:42:50

It could be thrush, or maybe Raynauds? I found that changes of temperature caused tingling sometimes as well.

AsMuchUseAsAMarzipanDildo Thu 26-Apr-18 20:55:09

Really common 6-8 weeks postnatal - it’s basically your breasts refilling with milk. After 6 weeks your prolactin levels fall so you no longer have a “background” production of milk. It becomes even more immediate “supply and demand”, so you literally feel tingling and prickling as your blood vessels dilate to make milk there.

Unless your areolas are red and shiny, and/or baby has white on the roof of their mouth that can’t be scraped off with your fingernail, it’s very unlikely to be thrush.

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