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Am I over feeding my 6mo?

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Bobbiepin Tue 24-Apr-18 00:16:41

DD is only just 6 months. We've started weaning but she's having very little amounts at the moment.

She's been combination fed for 5 months and over the last month I've been weaning her onto the bottle more and dropping breast feeds.

She has roughly 6 or 7 feeds in a 24 hour period, 1 or 2 will be bf, the rest are 8oz bottles which she finishes. Her bedtime bottle, we give an extra couple of oz and she takes what she wants.

I've just read the back of the follow on milk, saying 6mo babies need the equivalent of 20oz a day, I'm giving DD way more than this. She's been jumping centiles at her last 2 weigh ins but the hv said it wasn't a concern as she dropped from 50th to 9th when we brought her home and she'd stuck on the 9th until 5mo. She's almost back to 50th but is a very slim baby, barely any chunk on her. She's only just 14lbs at 6mo.

Anyway, am I over feeding her & need to cut back or is this ok? Could she just be finally putting on weight more consistently?

dementedpixie Tue 24-Apr-18 06:15:05

20oz is recommended up to 1 year alongside 3 meals/snacks so if they aren't taking much food yet they will still be taking a lot more milk. As your lo starts to take more solid food their milk intake should drop

jkl0311 Tue 24-Apr-18 06:17:33

What's her length? 50th centile? My dd always followed the 98th centile on length and weight so don't worry! There's not an ounce of fat on her you can see her ribs !!!

Mannix Tue 24-Apr-18 06:21:11

You can’t really over feed a baby of this age. She will take what she needs and then stop. Her milk intake will decline as she gets more interested in solids. My DS took to solids very quickly and by seven months was having three good meals a day, so obviously he needed less milk than your DD.

Bobbiepin Tue 24-Apr-18 09:44:54

I don't know her length blush they've never measured her when I've taken her to be weighed. I think she's quite tall (her legs fit 6-9 month leggins but they are huge around her tummy).

I'll keep up with the weaning and try to get a little more food in her, hopefully the milk will ease off as she eats more. Thanks everyone

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