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Breastfeed newborn green poop

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HeavyMetalMama Mon 23-Apr-18 00:36:08

My 5 week old baby has always fed a lot and is exclusively breast fed. Every now and then he has a green poop and he cries and really pushes but it’s over in a far. Tonight it’s a little more pale but not overly so. He’s been really alert and happy, constant wet and often dirty nappies and he’s always gained weight never lost it. Smiling and “dancing” excitedly today, not sleeping so much. He does drain both boobs though. Has anyone had this? I don’t know if it’s relevant but he did have bad reflux but it’s all but gone the last 2 days as I’ve had him sat up before and after feeding. I will be trying to get him to the doctors tomorrow

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INeedNewShoes Mon 23-Apr-18 00:40:21

Green poo can be a sign of wind (and would explain the straining). If it is constant it can be a sign that he is allergic to something you eat (most commonly dairy).

My DD had green poo probably around 40% of the time in the early weeks (and a very windy baby).

If he is well and gaining weight it's probably not worth worrying about. DD's gradually settled by around 5 months.

INeedNewShoes Mon 23-Apr-18 00:40:57

Oh and congratulations!

Atticusss Mon 23-Apr-18 00:44:23

Occasionally green poo in a breastfed baby is totally normal.

HeavyMetalMama Mon 23-Apr-18 00:54:34

Thank you! He is an incredibly windy baby and will not give it up! Infacol (even a half dose) seemed to make him sick so I stopped giving it to him. Hate hearing him get upset when passing gas but I’ve tried everything. Warm baths work momentarily but he actually doesn’t really like me massaging his belly

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HeavyMetalMama Mon 23-Apr-18 00:55:52

Also I’m lactose intolerant so the only dairy I get is a small splash in one or two cups of tea. confused

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INeedNewShoes Mon 23-Apr-18 07:42:38

I've just remembered that I removed citrus from my diet which made a very noticeable difference to DD's nappies and comfort. That could be worth a try. If you Google it it's common advice...

April45 Mon 30-Apr-18 05:01:49

All sorts of things make green poo.. wind and what you've eaten are prob the main 2. I cut out things that made me windy thinking it would prob have the same effect and things got a lot better. That and the i live you massage, great for helping to pass wind. Have a look on you tube.

Always good to get checked. Have you thought about cutting all fairy from your duet just to see if DS is dairy intolerant too?

AmericanBiscuits Mon 30-Apr-18 05:51:26

Green poo is usually a sign that the baby is getting too much foremilk. How long are you feeding on each breast? When my DS has green poop, I just started leaving him on each side longer and that sorted him out.

HeavyMetalMama Mon 30-Apr-18 06:28:12

Thank you everyone for your advice. Baby feeds on each side until drained, switching sides at each feed. I’ve also started baby massage classes (though typically this was the only time he actually slept) and it all seems to have just settled now. He’s so much less windy for sitting him up a bit more while feeding and keeping him that way for 20 minutes after.

Unrelated but I’d love to know why my right breast has always over produced, even when he wouldn’t feed from it but no better now hedoes. Drowns the poor boy.

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DD2017 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:39:51

All sounds familiar and normal. I asked GP, MW & HV for same advice and told just a little tum getting used to eating... she got better around 3 months and just continued with the bright orange watery poopnami that burst through the nappy every time!
Sounds like some good advice wish I'd thought of above. Good luck 😉

DD2017 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:42:34

Oh and my milk settled after a couple months then just a couple days wonky as she upped her intake. Try a muslin down your top at night if you don't want to wear a bra & pads... super glamerous!

HeavyMetalMama Mon 30-Apr-18 11:53:31

Thank you! “Righty” is a good cup bigger than poor lefty even when she’s been left alone. Also the only boob I can express from at all most of the time confused

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DD2017 Mon 30-Apr-18 19:08:39

It took me a good half hour to express 2 ounces as reckon that's the rate and amount she fed at but can do about 4 ounces between them in 20 mins now. I didn't do it that often but found mornings best and quickest as at their fullest

HeavyMetalMama Mon 30-Apr-18 19:35:47

Still pretty good going! I get 3oz from the right one, sometimes within minutes! But only ever had an ounce from the left - once. I hope it evens out soon, I look quite wonky blush

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HeavyMetalMama Mon 30-Apr-18 19:37:05

I’ve never been able to express in the mornings as he will have been feeding all night so I need to wait to see IF he naps. Not a big fan of sleep.

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Saturdayselling Mon 30-Apr-18 19:58:25

We spoke to a paediatrician about this (in the context of also having blood in poo) and were told that every colour poo is fine except completely white or black. (and even black can be fine if it's your ingested nipple blood!)

My babies all had green poo some of the time. Completely normal. Isn't bile green?

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