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QUick formula quesiton URGENT

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katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:22:19

going to start giving DS2 one bottle a day (rest of time he's BF), and I have a dum formula question!

using cow and gate comfort - can I make up the bottle, cool in down and use later - it says you have to use immediatley but I'm sure I remember with DS1 that we used to make them cool them down then reheat them later.

Gobbledigook Sat 12-May-07 09:22:59

I used to make them up, put in fridge to cool down and then reheat.

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:23:39

yes I thought so, we used to cool down by putting the bottle in cold water then reheat later but it doesn't say you can do that on the box.

mears Sat 12-May-07 09:24:21

The guidance is that you use them fresh as the powder is not sterile and the longer milk is made up, the more likely it is to grow bacteria. If you are only giving one bottle a day, why not use premade cartons?

kittypants Sat 12-May-07 09:24:42

i used to make cool down on side then in fridge and warm when needed.was fine with dd and ds(7 and 6) but hv told me off for doing it with ds2 for some reason.i still did though

lulumama Sat 12-May-07 09:24:49

new rules on making formula say you need to make each bottle with freshly boiled water, cooled for 40 minutes, whihc is not always practical

what you can do is measure out the formula into a dispenser, fill the sterilised bottle with the cool boiled water and add the formula when he is hungry and give him room temp milk

i did that and never caused a problem
or you can use the cartons of ready made formula !

LIZS Sat 12-May-07 09:24:57

Apaprently that is frowned upon now. You can boil the water and cool but then add the powder fresh nearer the feed. I presume you have to reheat the water before adding it ?

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:25:15

I did use ready made Aptimil mears but it seemed to upset his stomach hence the C&G comfort.

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:26:40

Blinkin nora, what a pain. SO i have to boil water exactly 30 mins before I want to give it to him? what if we're out?

mosschops30 Sat 12-May-07 09:26:58

what a load of tosh. I made up all ds's bottles (6 a day) then cooled them and put in fridge. Who makes up bottles as they go along?

Mind you if youre only making one a day then its not so bad, or you ould buy the ready made cartons

mears Sat 12-May-07 09:28:45

instructions here

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:29:12

I really wish I could just stick to the readymade but like I say, Aptimil upset his stomach.

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:30:29

thanks mears, pah, we might try a different brand that does ready made

mears Sat 12-May-07 09:30:50

what about others like cow & gate, SMA?

Omneo comfort might be a bit too much when he is used to breast milk.

lulumama Sat 12-May-07 09:31:06

SMA comes in ready made cartons , and pre measured 4 oz sachets IIRC

i found the easiest, though not the 'correct' way, was to use a dispenser with the pre measured formula, and take a bottle of sterilised water with us

if it is one bottle a day, then pre made is probably going to be easier and less hassle

lulumama Sat 12-May-07 09:31:32

cooled boiled water not sterilised water !

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 09:32:05

oh cripes really mears. OK, maybe we'll give that a go.

mears Sat 12-May-07 09:40:44

here is revised guidance for health professionals About half way down the page is a link to the document which is easy to read. Tells you how to manage milk that is not being given straight away. That should help you.

ForcesSweetheart Sat 12-May-07 09:41:43

With DD we made up bottles of cooled boiled water and kept them in the fridge, then just added the powder when needed from one of those littlepowder diispensing tubs that holds three portions. Rather than measuring out each time, we just made up the tubs each morning when filling the bottles with water so when feed time came it was as quick as could be. For night feeds we just took a bottle of the water out of the fridge and took it and a tub of powder upstairs. DD was happy to have her milk at room temperature so by the time she got it, it was. I figured it wouldn't do any harm to have the cooled boiled water out of the fridge for a few hours, and she never seemed to have any probs with it.

mears Sat 12-May-07 13:09:14

bumping for katierocket to see latest guidance

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 13:29:32

thanks mears, I will read through that later.

katierocket Sat 12-May-07 13:31:58

actually mears if you're still around - why do you think Comfort might be too much for him?

wildwoman Sat 12-May-07 13:32:05

Katie, omneo comfort is actually easier for babies to digest so you may just have to put up with the faff of making them up for now if your baby can't tolerate other brands.

nogoes Sat 12-May-07 13:38:06

I gave ds ready made Cow & Gate, no stomach problems. I think it is advisable to use the ready made stuff, particularly as you are only on one ff a day.

mears Sat 12-May-07 15:58:05

Only anectotal stuff Katie. The milk is thicker and apprently gives really stinky nappies. I have no personal experience though.

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