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CMPA or just moany?

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user1491924338 Fri 13-Apr-18 21:34:12

You're right that colief breaks down lactose but that won't help you at all re CMPA as it won't remove the protein that's the issue there.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 13-Apr-18 21:20:11

Sorry to hear that you’re finding it hard OP. Im not sure how breaking down the lactose (if that’s what colleef does) will eliminate CMPA as they are two separate things.

Cheekylittlenumber Fri 13-Apr-18 10:15:37

DD2 is 6.5 months and has never been a 'happy baby'

She's gaining weight well but has always been very windy (farty) and arching her back, as well as vomiting small bits of milk regularly. DD1 had none of these symptoms so I know something's not right.

She was EBF but since she was 5 months old I've been introducing formula as going back to work in May so now she's 90% formula. It hasn't really changed her temperament but her day time naps are more structured and longer thanks to the formula (well, me creating a routine around it)

We've also started solids which she likes although we gave her some spinach and it upset her tummy and her poo became watery for a day with about 6 poo nappies. She's usually 2 poos a day.

We wondered whether she was teething as she's very dribbly and bites her hand constantly so we've been applying anbesol, Ashton powders and calpol when she needs it.

She just isn't a happy baby and it's exhausting.

Yesterday I bought some colief and added it to her formula to see if breaking down the lactose in her milk will help (I think you can trial it for a week to try and eliminate CMPA) Has anyone done similar?

Her windyness is definitely much better since we started formula/solids so I wondered whether I had a fast let down that caused her to take in more breath?

I mentioned the gassyness/vomiting to my gp at her 6 week appointment but as she's been gaining weight I haven't been back. There always seems to be a 'reason' for her moaning (sleep regression/Dev leap/tummy pain/teething/overtired/bored) I want to eliminate the milk issue once and for all. Has anyone used colief with a older baby?

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