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When should I pump if I'm still feeding?

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tittletattoo Tue 10-Apr-18 15:20:18

We're looking at getting some BM stores in the freezer but most of the information I've found online is for pumping for the next feed or two.. does anyone have experience at pumping while still breastfeeding? I.e what times of day is best and how much can I expect to store up?

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PurpleTygrrr Tue 10-Apr-18 15:37:46

I tend to do it first thing in the morning when I wake up and my boobs are really full! So I feed baby off one side when she wakes up, then she tends to go back to sleep whilst I pump off the other. I can get about 5-6 oz off a really full boob but it wasn't that much at first. I freeze it in small quantities of about 3oz though so it's not a waste if she doesn't take 5oz if that makes sense. The midwife suggested doing it like this and my supply seems to have adapted to it.

littlecabbage Tue 10-Apr-18 15:42:08

My babies always fed off both breasts at each feed, so I started pumping in the evenings, once the baby started sleeping for longer than 2 hour stretches.

So say that baby fed at 7pm, went to sleep, and wasn't likely to wake again till at least 11pm, I'd pump both breasts at 9pm. Of course, the first couple of evenings yielded practically nothing, as my breasts had stopped producing milk for that time, but after that, there was a decent supply (they adapted). You need to keep it up at the same time, every day though, to get a consistent supply.

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