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Breast feeding and stomach virus

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Mustang27 Tue 27-Mar-18 12:19:52

Think Iv contracted the rotovirus from my babies live vaccine.

Iv not kept liquid or food down for last 3 days. I can barely get out of bed sucking on hard boiled sweets occasionally to try and help combat faintness. Problem is I'm ebf my 3mth old and starting to worry about my supply it's definitely depleting. Iv also lost 10lbs so I know my body is struggling a bit other than the obvious symptoms of stomach bugs.

Any advice from any others that have been through this. Don't want to starve my baby!!!

He hasn't really left the bed and is feeding on demand with lots of skin contact do hoping that is helping.

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Scootingthebreeze Tue 27-Mar-18 12:24:42

Sorry to hear you're not well.

The good news is your body keeps reserves for moments like this and will draw on them to keep you and baby going. As you're having trouble keeping down fluids you do need to monitor baby for signs of dehydration (check skin elasticity remains springy and check fontanelle is not depressed).

Could you try very small frequent but spaced out sips of water as drinking an actual drink may induce vomiting?

When you feel up to eating start with plain beige food like toast with no butter and plain pasta.

Lack of fluid does begin to affect supply so try to up fluids once able.

Hope you feel better soon

Mustang27 Tue 27-Mar-18 13:12:09

I thought it would. Iv been taking little sips so I'm likely keeping a little down. He is still producing wet nappies, seems pretty alert and skin elasticity seems perfect so I'm guessing I'm not failing him just yet. Fontanelle a little dipped but both my children seem to have quite prominent fontanelles.

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Scootingthebreeze Tue 27-Mar-18 14:43:12

Hmm...sounds good but the dipped fontanelle is something to watch. It should generally be pretty flush with the hair line if you run finger smoothly over and when it's depressed it is notably lowered. So long as baby having frequent wet nappies you're ok (I'm a bit rusty but I'd say 6 approx a day)

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