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3 month old will not take bottle need help ASAP

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Yazza123 Wed 14-Mar-18 22:57:01

So my LO is 4 months next week but she strictly breast feeds. I have tried to give her a bottle for months now but refuses it everytime no matter what type of bottle I use or who gives it to her.

Now the problem is I am self employed and have a very important meeting tomorrow where I will need to be out the house for at least 6 hours. She will be with my partner and parents but I am just worried if she does not take milk from a bottle or sippie cup is there any other way to feed her and if you have been in the same situation what have you done?

Much appreciated

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ClaireFraser Wed 14-Mar-18 23:01:16

Have you tried cup feeding? So with no teat at all, try taking the lid off the sippy cup and offering that way. Obviously will need someone to hold it for her and gently tilt so that she can drink. She may also lap at it.

Be prepared for potential mess though and cover her in a few muslins

HarryPotterandtheSAHM Wed 14-Mar-18 23:03:21

In sheer desperation we have syringed it in like we would with calpol just to get something down him. DS absolutely refused any brand of bottle/teat ever and eventually weaned and drank from a cup with a spout at about 9mos

carnivalisover Wed 14-Mar-18 23:04:53

Mine (2nd child) just wouldn’t. Had to alter my life as far as I could to cater but on the odd occasion I had no option but to leave her with the carer, with milk, water and all sorts of feeding appliances. She’d never have anything. Weaning early’ish helped as some liquids in food - watery veg - would be taken. But never drank or put anything teat like in her mouth.

bassackwards Wed 14-Mar-18 23:33:38

This is the exact same situation I'm in with my DD who is now 5 months old. I don't know what I'd do in your shoes! A syringe is a good idea of things get desperate while your out.

Alternatively could you possibly build a 30-minute break into your day and feed your DC then (eg if your DP were to be hanging out somewhere nearby with your DC)???

brewsandbooks Wed 14-Mar-18 23:48:07

My DD was exactly the same and has never taken a bottle and she is almost 4 now!

I had to change everything but for advice I second syringe in desperation but I think your easiest option be if someone can bring her to you so you can pop out for a quick feed!

Also don't push bottles to much out of fear for tomorrow because it will put her off more if she picks up on the anxiety

Yazza123 Wed 14-Mar-18 23:49:30

I have never tried cup feeding with the top off my LO is very fussy so I am worried she won’t take it lightly but in sheer desperation I guess cup feeding/syringe feeding is my only option I just hope she will be okay! And I wish I could pop home and feed her but I will be quite far sad

Is there any other options or ways she could be fed?

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brewsandbooks Thu 15-Mar-18 00:01:13

Have you any milk in the fridge? Could make a milk ice lolly I'm trying to think out the box here but she might like that? It's really hard ! Are you going to a town where someone can come along and go for lunch and walk and things with her but then close for feed

IlikemyTeahot Thu 15-Mar-18 00:08:51

Have you tried these?
Oh and are you putting baby on formula now or still on breastmilk?

I also thought to recommend a syringe as backup.....but It's just more confusion for her. I really don't think a baby would starve itself...she may get upset and cause a fuss but at some point will want to suck on something to soothe herself so it should work. You'll have to try going cold turkey with the boobs mum. (Great if you still express though) Maybe she just won't take a bottle cos she can tell your still around to save the day with the boobies.
She may even associate dad with being a participant in the breastfeed e.g if he usually hands her over for you to feed. (Who knows why their so fussy about milk delivery) I struggled with transitioning DC3 to bottle but we found he would take it from my sister and eventually his dad...but only if I was far away. Perhaps if grandparents took on the feeding responsibilities and left dad to nappies/entertainment it could work.

123bananas Thu 15-Mar-18 00:12:32

Cup feed from an open cup (there are videos on youtube).

Latex teats were good for mine when they bottle refused, but doubt you can get them in time.

Yazza123 Thu 15-Mar-18 00:46:22

The syringe technique seems to be something a lot of mums and nurses recommend if not that then hopefully an open cup. I probably have tried every bottle brand known from curvy tips to brown coloured tips sounds crazy but was worth a shot although my LO still refused to take it!! I have tried to let my partner and her grandparents have a go whilst I left the house still nothing.

I am hoping she would go through these few hours without starving and just take expressed milk. I will try the milk ice lolly trick as a back up if not that then I guess I will be running home sooner then I thought!

Has anybodies LO’s ended up taking the bottle whilst they where out for a while or did they wait until you got home? She’s my firstborn so this is nerve rackingsad

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brewsandbooks Thu 15-Mar-18 20:17:20

How did you get on? Did she take a bottle ?

glasshalfsomething Thu 15-Mar-18 20:29:45

I'm too late for the OP I think, but adding my tuppence worth for late readers of this thread. My DD finally took a bottle once I heated it in the microwave for 20 sec. not recommended, but it done the trick!

Yazza123 Fri 16-Mar-18 00:33:06

Thank you all for your advice my LO was a bit frustrated as the beginning without me but she gave into the bottle after 3 hours of my family trying turns out she had short feeds cried for a while but still managed to fall sound asleep by the time I got home.

So advice to any bf mum’s out there who may need to pop out for a while pump beforehand and make sure you practice. Get someone else to gave a go sure your baby will be fussy at first but they will learn

Best of luck smile

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