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Feeding at same time every night

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sar302 Tue 13-Mar-18 07:16:36

My 3 month old is FF. He had gradually started to last from the 10pm feed, until about 4-5am, before waking up for his next feed. The problem with this was that it was so near wake up time for him, he would be wide awake and not go back to sleep for hours! Which meant that I wouldn't either.confused

So, I started setting an alarm for 3am and lifting him to feed in his sleep. This has worked a charm for the last week, and he's gone back to sleeping through til 6/6.30am.... until last night. Last night, as I got up to feed him, I could hear him snuffling and he was awake!

My original plan was that when he was old enough to go through the night without a feed, I'd gradually reduce what he was getting and faze it out completely, but am I'm just creating a child who will start to wake at 3am every night for food??

mindutopia Tue 13-Mar-18 07:33:41

What you’re doing is a dream feed and I think most people do just fine dropping a dream feed when their babies are ready. But waking once at 3am and going back to sleep until the morning is great at that age. My first was still often having two feeds during the night at that age (my 2nd is bf and I would literally sell my 1st to only wake up once to feed him!). So I wouldn’t stress about it. Just keep doing in and get yourself back to sleep. When he doesn’t need it, he won’t need it (though realistically he may still wake, mine woke quite a long time after she stopped night feeds, it’s just what they do).

sar302 Tue 13-Mar-18 19:48:57

Thank you! I'm always a little worried about creating bad habits! Good to know.

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