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Jelonet for cracked nipple

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Squelchsquerch Tue 06-Mar-18 20:43:19

Has anyone used this to treat a cracked nipple and if so how long did it take to work?

I've been applying after feeds for 4 days now and it seems to promote healing to an extent, however each time I feed on the affected side the wound reopens.

If anyone has managed to heal a cracked nipple while still feeding every 3 hours or so , I'd be grateful to hear how. I did not have any success with lansinoh as it just made the nipple stick to my bra and was agony when I went to peel it off.

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Lottbarn Tue 06-Mar-18 20:49:05

Yep, I did and it really worked.

I found I had to use the rugby ball hold on the side with the damage so when she was feeding my daughter wasn't flicking her tongue onto the damaged part of my nipple and reopening the wounds, changing the position alongside Jelonet really helped after a week or so I could see the difference and could go back to feeding normally.

Squelchsquerch Tue 06-Mar-18 20:58:46

Amazing thanks. This is reassuring.

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