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4 week old - is this normal?

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bananaramama Mon 05-Mar-18 12:11:56

In the past week or so my 4 week old has started to become very noisy and grunty. He will often cry, grunt and make loud noises before he is about to pass wind or poo. Is this normal?

In addition to this, he has also started to vomit after feeds - he is quite greedy and I have a fast let down so I think this may be the cause of it. He doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by it and always wants to continue feeding after.
I try to feed him so that he is not horizontal, and if possible, sat upright. I burp each time he is fed and when he is grumbling I do tummy massage and bicycle legs.

He's currently breast fed after having to have had formula top ups after birth due to jaundice. He's been putting on weight nicely and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something else I can do to ease his discomfort?

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prettypaws Mon 05-Mar-18 12:16:11

If you have a powerful letdown you could try feeding whilst laying back with your baby feeding across your belly or football hold. Ime I didn't have to wind when bf, i too have an overactive letdown.

userabcname Mon 05-Mar-18 12:21:55

I had a very grunty/leaky baby too (also had a v fast letdown). As he was fine otherwise I never worried and at 12 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in everything- less sick, less grunting, less of a fuss doing a poo etc. So in my experience, yes very normal! You could always look for a breastfeeding support group near you though who may be able to offer more advice/ reassurance in RL.

QueenAravisOfArchenland Mon 05-Mar-18 12:24:54

Most things are normal at 4wo and yep, all this sounds normal to me. Just gassy/windy from the rapid letdown. Your supply will settle but you could try pulling off briefly once he triggers letdown and catching the milk in a Muslin while the flow is at its fastest, or feeding in a more laid-back position.

bananaramama Mon 05-Mar-18 13:34:27

Thanks all. Really appreciate your replies.

I've tried feeding with him lying on top of me but he never seems comfortable and always wriggles or rolls off to one side. I'll keep trying to do so and hopefully this will improve.

I'll see if I can get to a LLL meeting and see what they say!


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