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4 week old vomiting after feeds - reflux?

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WineandDine Mon 05-Mar-18 09:03:22

Hi all, DS is now 4 weeks old and after trying our absolute best to EBF, he has been mix fed since 4 days old after becoming jaundiced, dehydrated and losing 12% body weight. We had been topping up with formula after each feed but the practicalities of doing this with a toddler and in everyday life has meant that we’ve been doing more and more bottle feeds over the last week. Sadly a bf on its own has never been enough to satisfy him despite trying many things to up my supply.

Not sure if the above is relevant but DS has started vomiting spectacularly after some bottle feeds. It’s not all of the time and seems to be worse in the evenings but it’s a large volume which needs a full clothes and bedding change (not ideal at 2am!)
I’m wondering if this all sounds normal. He doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort but is there anything we can try to improve things; different bottles, formula (currently on Aptimil), something from the GP?

I’m already beating myself up about the whole bf situation which I know is ridiculous and this is now making me feel even worse. I’m not sure if this would’ve started anyway at this age but the sick does seem to have become worse since he’s been having less breastmilk.

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bananaramama Mon 05-Mar-18 12:15:39

My 4 week old is also vomiting after feeds - like yours he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort but I would also be keen to know how to improve/prevent this.

You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, what is important is that your baby is fed and getting the nutrients he needs, regardless of whether it is via boob/formula.


WineandDine Mon 05-Mar-18 13:51:58

Thanks banana, you’re absolutely right and my first DS was bottle fed after similar problems but I can’t help but feel a bit sad and guilty that it didn’t work out again this time.

Sorry to hear you’re having similar issues. It’s especially tough after the night feeds isn’t it! Hopefully someone will be along with some advice for us soon x

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AllTheWayDown Mon 05-Mar-18 19:21:03

My dd had awful reflux right from when she was born, it was horrible and I was getting myself really down about it so I get how you're both feeling. It can be really draining.
Aptamil do an anti reflux milk (most brands do I think) which is thicker than normal but you have to wait I think 7 minutes for it to thicken before you feed them so as long as they won't mind the wait then that may help. My dd however wouldn't not wait. When she wanted feeding she had to be fed there and then so I kept giving her aptamil infant milk but added cow and gate instant carobel. It's a thickening went and you add it to their milk on every feed and wait 3 minutes for it to thicken. That honestly was a life saver for me. She was still sick but nowhere near as much. The only thing is you have to discard the thickened milk after an hour. You can get it on prescription or just buy it over the counter at a pharmacy (mag have to call in advance as I found hardly any stock it) or you can buy on amazon. I honestly thought dd would never stop being sick but once she started eating more and more solids it stopped. Although I still add the carobel to bottles now just in case!! Xx

AllTheWayDown Mon 05-Mar-18 19:22:07

Thickening agent*

WineandDine Mon 05-Mar-18 20:24:20

Thanks AllTheWayDown, have ordered some carobel. By any chance did you use Dr Brown bottles? We’re using them at the moment with level 1 teats but wondering if the thicker milk will be able to get through?

We’ve had a bad afternoon so have booked a GP appointment for the morning so hopefully they will put my mind at ease. Also want to double check it’s not the early stages of Pyloric Stenosis as my husband had this as a baby and whilst the sick isn’t quite projectile just yet, it’s getting there! Hoping this is unlikely but want to check it out none the less as some of the symptoms are similar to reflux

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bananaramama Mon 05-Mar-18 23:14:06

@WineandDine I saw my health visitor today and she said that if a baby is vomiting after feeds but shows no discomfort it is often fine and completely normal. It is usually because their valve in the tube which connects the oesophagus to the stomach is still developing so not as effective at keeping food down.

I'm sure you're doing an amazing job so try to be gentle on yourself. Motherhood is tough enough as it is smilethanks x

AllTheWayDown Tue 06-Mar-18 06:43:49

We were using Tommee tippee bottles and had to switch to vari flow teats for the thicker milk so you may need swap to a teat with a bigger hole. Better to be safe, hopefully it's just reflux. Doctors we're good with my dd and made me feel better, they're who suggested the carobel. Hope it goes ok xx

Situp Tue 06-Mar-18 06:47:20

My DD is 6 weeks, BF and does this. DS did it too. As long as they are gaining weight and don't appear to be in distress I wouldn't worry about it.

Just have to learn to love the smell of cheesy milk!

WineandDine Sun 18-Mar-18 17:00:57

Hi all,
I’m back as the vomiting is getting worse sad
I thought things were getting better but over the last 3 or so days we’ve had a lot of sick after majority of feeds.
Still no huge signs of discomfort although he often gasps for breath during feeds, has lots of wind/hiccups and squirms quite a bit during feeds and when we’re trying to get his wind up. The sick has started coming out of his nose now which upsets him other than that we don’t have a lot of crying. Haven’t had him weighed for a while but he’s still in newborn sleepsuits at 6wks so I’m not hopeful that he’s gaining at a good rate.

Can anyone help with advice and how on earth do people cope with this? I dread each feed as most now involve a change of clothes for both of us and a second or third bottle until he manages to keep some down.

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ugghhreally Sun 18-Mar-18 18:01:34

If you have a gp appt in the morning, I'd still be minded to call 101 given history of Pyloric Stenosis.

WineandDine Sun 18-Mar-18 20:29:14

Thanks for replying ugghhreally and sorry but in my sleep deprived state I didn’t add an update from my previous post.
We went to see the GP about PS and were sent to hospital to get checked out but DS got a clean bill of health although the Dr did say that they couldn’t fully rule out PS as at 4 weeks the tummy isn’t developed enough either way for them to diagnose it. They advised it would start to get worse quite quickly and that the vomit would be very forceful and projectile. DS is 6wks now and the vomit isn’t projectile but it is getting worse. Back at the Dr on Tuesday but I guess I’m just wondering if this sounds like normal ‘sicky baby’ stuff or if it could be reflux or something else I haven’t thought of.
He still seems so small and sleepy which makes me worry as I thought he would’ve started to wake up a bit more by now but I’m mostly basing that on my older DS who was very awake and nosey from day 1 pretty much!

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mummyhaschangedhername Sun 18-Mar-18 20:40:23

Please google pyloric stenosis, my eldest had it and it very much sounds like the same. It could be reflux, but you really need to rule out pyloric stenosis first.

mummyhaschangedhername Sun 18-Mar-18 20:42:14

Sorry missed you're update. Mine was 6,it was exactly projectile either but it was every feed and I used bath sheets around us and still had to get changed.

Have you been give baby gavison to try? If it's reflux that should help somewhat.

WineandDine Sun 18-Mar-18 21:41:38

Thanks mummyhaschangedhername and sorry to hear about your DC with PS. I’m not convinced it’s not that to be honest as the sick is getting worse but will get everything checked with the Dr later this week.

We used Gaviscon with my elder DS but wasn’t sure if it’s used to help the milk stay down or just when there’s sign of discomfort from the acid? I’m also a bit weary as at the moment he’s only having a dirty nappy once every 2-3 days and remember Gaviscon used to constipate my elder one. We need to start giving something a try though...

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