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6 month old won’t take last bottle then wakes up hungry

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Gdee17 Sat 03-Mar-18 19:40:05

Hi, I’m posting for a friend who is desperate for help with her 6 month old baby!

She’s asked the following...

“... will not take his last bottle before bed. He then wakes up at like 2am because he’s hungry 😡 i have moved his tea back to 5pm to give him chance to be hungry and he still won’t take it, maybe 2oz max some days (2days out of 7 he will take 6oz if I’m lucky) trouble is he hates his milk and doesn’t really have much in the day anymore 2 x 6oz bottles all day (again if I’m lucky) please please please give me some advice 😐”

Any suggestions?!

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Countingsheeeep Sat 03-Mar-18 19:47:32

I think the first question would be whether or not this is his only waking? If so, then the solution really is to just feed him. Once a night at 6 months is pretty good going in my book.

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