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Feeding to sleep/falling asleep during feeds??

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notsureifimbeingur Wed 28-Feb-18 22:35:39

I have a little girl, 3 months old.
I have been thinking of teaching her to self settle and have been reading up about it. She currently feeds to sleep, but what I don’t know is...

... is she feeding to sleep, or falling asleep in the middle of a feed?? And how do I know the difference?

She will fall asleep/feed to sleep lying upstairs and if I lie with her she will have up to a 2 hour nap. However, if I get up and leave her sound asleep, she will 9/10 wake up 15 mins after I have left. She won’t settle back to sleep again, and I have to feed her and settle her again.

So how do I go about teaching her to self settle?
I have heard about the EASY routine, eat, activity, sleep, yourself (wow, the very idea of having time to myself!!😂)
Anyway, how do I go about settling her without feeding her to sleep? I know her sleep cues now, and she sometimes will take a dummy, so do I just lay her down upstairs and pop the dummy in and leave, returning to pop dummy back in when it falls out?
She is mostly breastfed, and maybe one or two bottles a day, which she usually falls asleep during also.

How does this work in the night then, will she need fed back to sleep then, as we won’t be getting up for n activity then?

Do you think I have left it too late to try any routines on her now?

Thanks for reading and for any advice, sorry for all the questions. This post is in Chat and Sleep for extra advice.

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