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20 week old feeding all through the night (real and comfort)

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Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 08:55:35

My DS doesnt self settle so I know this is an issue but i have accepted 1.5 - 2 hourly wakes up (was 45min) since xmas. I am happy feeding to sleep as i am not prepared to do sleep training (yet) and if i rock DS he wont be lowered into his cot - he springs wide awake about 4inches from the mattress confused i usually transfer him sideways from my bed to his next to me after a feed.

Anyway he has been feeding (gulping) alot for night feeds in the last few weeks.
Last night he literally would not get off my boob. I counted 11 wake ups and probably double failed attempts to get him into bed between 7pm and 7am. He was feeding ALOT but essentially just would not let go of my nipple - we have been having some success with pantleys pull off until last night!!

In the day he will feed every time he is offered (could be every 30min!) But he is very easily distracted so feels like hes snacking.

Does this match up with a growth spurt? He was 2 weeks late. We havent even got out of the 4mth regression yet confused

Hopefully that hellish night was a one off!! But in terms of the night feeds do i wait it out or try and reverse the load of day and night feeds??

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Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 08:59:05

I should add he has reflux

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RoryAndLogan Tue 27-Feb-18 09:01:20

I don't have any real wisdom as I went through something similar, but you have my sympathies as it's horrendous. It will get better... although I know people saying that to me didn't help at all at the time!

Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 09:14:52

Ah thats OK. I can wait it out (😴) i guess i just wondered i should be actively doing something. If its a spurt its out of my hands! It took nearly 2 hours to get him off my nipple and into bed (he was asleep but woke on every removal) i know i could have given him a dummy but hey ho!

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Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 09:20:25

Maybe hes teething hmm

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Maccapacca88 Tue 27-Feb-18 09:30:48

Have you considered Co-sleeping? It's not for everyone, but saved my sanity with both of mine. I tried everything with dc1; expressed milk, formula, sleep training (no cry, controlled crying, gradual retreat etc.), solids before bed. She was having none of it. Just keeping her in my bed worked for us in the end.

Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 09:37:12

Aww bless her.

Hes in a next to me cot so we pretty much are...I'm only trying to move him a foot !! I guess he just needs his mummy right now so can give it a go but I dont find it easy to sleep with him literally attached to me... Cuddles i can cope with. I will keep an eye on his day feeds as I am hoping he's not swapping days for night shock

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Her0utdoors Tue 27-Feb-18 11:25:12

Keep up the good work op! Sounds like a humongous growth spurt, about the start sitting or crawling maybe? Dd was a total monkey for the all night feeds ( literally 2 weeks straight before she started walking) I would prop myself up on pillows and she would lie across me and feed feed feed while I slept the best I could. With hindsight she had/ has silent reflux as she now tells me she gets woken up in the night with 'sick burps'.

Jellybabie3 Tue 27-Feb-18 12:32:49

Ok thanks. Hes an overtired terror today. Poor little man.

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