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Breastfeeding with damaged nipple?

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Fieau Tue 20-Feb-18 22:47:57

When I was 18 (and drunk) I had one of my nipples pierced. Kept it in for about six months until I accidentally caught it on the edge of a door and ripped it most of the way out shock Since then that nipple has always been different to my other one, and seems to have a scar across it.

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and really hoping to breastfeed....I am just very worried that with my damaged nipple I won't be able to! Does anyone have experience of anything like this?

I have started leaking a bit, and it has been from both sides but seems to be more from my undamaged nipple. hmm

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 21-Feb-18 09:36:10

I think you’ll be fine. It’s perfectly normal to produce more from one breast anyway, both of mine always had a favourite side. Just make sure that you keep offering both breasts and if you are struggling, ask for help straight away, don’t let nighles turn into problems smile

I’d highly recommend putting the Breastfeeding Helpline numbers in your phone. You can go to Bfing Support Groups while you are still PG so it might be worth going along, having a brew and discussing your concerns there.

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