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Anti reflux milk??

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Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:40:04


My 11 week old dd suffers from reflux. We were prescribed gaviscon which made her constipated so we've now been put on Ranitidine however only a small dose so I'm not sure if it is working and have been told to give it 3 weeks to work anyway. I have now seen 2 midwives, my health visitor and 3 gp's and none seem keen for me to try her on the anti reflux formula? Anyone know why this is? I've met another mum who described her son going through exactly the same as my dd and said anti reflux milk is the only thing that worked. Should I just put her on it? And can it be used with the Ranitidine?

PinkAvocado Sat 10-Feb-18 08:45:44

Ranitidine didn’t work for us. Omeprazole did though. I also found cutting dairy from my diet helped.

Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 09:34:32

Thanks. The third gp we saw did mention Ranitidine being old now and said he would have tried her on another one so I bet it was omeprazole. My dd is formula fed so cutting diary wouldn't be an option but good to know as I have a bf friend who is having the same issues.

PinkAvocado Sat 10-Feb-18 10:59:18

We also found Gaviscon to be more of a hassle than anything. It gave him constipation and was almost impossible to administer when breastfeeding!

Good luck

Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 11:13:13

Anyone got any experience of using the anti reflux formula? Do you think it's worth a try?

HiHoHiHoBackToSchoolWeGo Sat 10-Feb-18 11:29:17

We were using aptamil stage 1 formula and our DS had really bad reflux, we tried aptamil anti reflux and it reduced his reflux massively. I'd definitely recommend it, he was still a bit 'sicky' but nowhere near as much or as often as before. I think we started him on at about 8 weeks or so.

Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 11:41:31

Thanks. Did you speak to your hv or gp before putting them on it?

wintertravel1980 Sat 10-Feb-18 13:52:59

My DD has been on both ranitidine and anti-reflux milk from week 8. It definitely helped a lot although it took at least 7-10 days for her reflux to fully settle. Also my DD was constipated for a few days until her digestive system got used to the new milk.

I tried to go back to normal aptamil when DD was about 6 months (anti-reflux milk is a bit of pain to prepare) and reflux symptoms returned. I immediately switched back.

Anti-reflux milk does not work for everyone but it is probably worth trying.

Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:16:58

Thank you. Think I'm going to give it a go. Can I just ask how is it a pain to prepare? I'm guessing you need next stage teats?

user1472206348 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:24:37

we are using cow and gate anti reflux. been a god send. no more hassle making up bottles then normal milk. You will defiantly need the next teat up as it is really thick.

wintertravel1980 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:32:58

Yes, anti-reflux milk is quite thick so we had to use stage 3 teats (MAM bottles).

Also, it requires more stirring than usual to get rid of lumps. If I did not stir the anti-reflux milk for long enough, bottle teats would get clogged and DD would scream the house down (she is not particularly patient and threw a tantrum every time her milk stopped flowing because of blocked teats).

However, eventually we all got used to the anti-reflux milk and it really helped to get DD reflux under control

Owletterocks Sat 10-Feb-18 14:36:30

Nice guidelines advise anti reflux formula or thickened formula before trying gaviscon or ranitidine

Coffeeonadrip Sat 10-Feb-18 14:38:31

I used aptimil anti reflux from when dd was 8 weeks old. Mentioned to health visitor and gp that I'm thinking about trying it and they were both "yeah why not let's give it a go". It is a pain to prepare because the water needs to be way cooler than for normal formula but we got used to it. Worked wonders and she was on it up until 9 months old with ko problems. Good luck!

HiHoHiHoBackToSchoolWeGo Sat 10-Feb-18 14:39:05

I did chat with the HV and she suggested to give it a go and see how he gets on, so we went ahead and I agree it was a god send.

We had a prefect prep and just made it up the same way as normal aptamil and had no issues at all. I know some people think the perfect prep is the devil incarnate but it was wonderful as far as I'm concerned! DS is now 15 months and on cows milk only so not using the perfect prep any more.

DS didn't have any issues transitioning onto the anti reflux either, he took to it immediately so we were pretty lucky with that.

HiHoHiHoBackToSchoolWeGo Sat 10-Feb-18 14:41:06

Forgot to say, we used tommee tippee bottles and if you don't shake it up with the little white caps it'll clog the teat, so might be worth buying half a dozen of the white lids if you're using the same bottles (depends how frequently your baby feeds).
Good luck!

Kelbell444 Sat 10-Feb-18 16:08:06

Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated. Just been out and got some anti reflux milk to try! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the tip on the bottles too as we're using tommee tippee!

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