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12 week old fussy at breast

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Lemonicelolly1 Fri 09-Feb-18 18:36:45


Hoping someone can offer some advice or reassurance please!

DD is 12 weeks old and ebf. For the last 2 days she has been extremely fussy when breastfeeding. She'll feed for a few mins then pull away. This will continue for a while until she starts to cry and refuses to feed. It's also really hurting my nipples, we've never had any breastfeeding issues before.

I think she might be teething as her hands are constantly in her mouth and she's dribbling an awful lot, will this be the reason for the feeding issues?

I do think she is getting enough as she's had a few dirty nappies today & is generally happy enough. She slept well last night but hasn't slept at all today (not overly unusual as she's never been a bit napper but usually will have a few short naps)

Should I ring the health visitor to be sure, or is it most likely the teething causing the issues? She's never really liked a bottle but not sure whether to try one...

Sorry paranoid first time mum here smile

Wetwashing00 Fri 09-Feb-18 18:52:58

Ah yeah... teething. Causes all sorts of upsets with babies.
I remember my DS doing this at around 14 weeks. We would spend most evenings... with him starting a feed then pushing me a away, crying, screaming but wouldn’t latch back on for a while. I spent between 5pm-10pm trying to feed/settle him.
Have a google at 4month sleep regression too. It’s usually a phase thank god but definitely a tough one.

Lemonicelolly1 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:46:58

Thanks @Wetwashing00.
She's usually such a good feeder and I'm just paranoid she isn't feeding enough, but I suppose by this stage they are meant to more efficient at feeding anyway aren't they? I'll have a look at 4 month sleep regression too smile

EveMoneypenny Fri 09-Feb-18 21:13:01

My DS is 16 weeks and has been doing this on and off since about 12 weeks. I haven't fully figured it out but I think sometimes it's caused by me trying to feed him a little too soon before he's quite ready. He's been gradually trying to extend the interval between feeds (was 2 hours max at about 12 weeks; now he seems to prefer going about 2.5-3 hours). Sometimes I look at the clock and think he must be due a feed whereas if I wait til he's giving me signals the feed seems to go better. Also a good winding session when he's fussing often produces a burp and then he comes back for a bit more. Sometimes he's adamant he's finished with one boob when there's clearly milk left but will take some from the other boob if I offer. Not ideal breastfeeding practice but doesn't seem to have done us any harm! I was worried this would affect his weight gain but he'd actually moved up the chart a little when weighed at 14 weeks.

Lemonicelolly1 Fri 09-Feb-18 22:00:25

Thanks @EveMoneypenny. I'll keep a closer eye on feeding times tomorrow and see if I maybe am trying to feed her too soon.

I had a better look/feel of her gums tonight too and think she is definatley teething too!

We don't really have regular visits from our health visitor anymore & they don't do drop in clinics in our area anymore for me to regularly have her weighed, which probably would help reassure me a bit!

Hopefully it's just a phase that will pass quickly! smile

woundedbutwalking Fri 09-Feb-18 22:09:18

Could be a sign your period is about to start? My DD got like this, even though she was EBF, when my period came back at 9 weeks & prior to subsequent ones too. Very short term hopefully.

EveMoneypenny Sat 10-Feb-18 09:40:22

They don't do drop in clinics here any more either, but luckily they're happy to weigh babies when having their vaccinations. I also weigh myself holding DS on our bathroom scales then weigh myself and subtract. I know it's not accurate but it gives me peace of mind as I can see he's gaining every week.

Lemonicelolly1 Sat 10-Feb-18 10:55:02

Thanks everyone.
@woundedbutwalking I don't think it's my period but I didn't know that could make a difference!

@EveMoneypenny I have weighed her a couple of times at home like that too, but may start doing it every week for some peace of mind.
I did read on mumsnet someone who weighs their child on the scales at pets at home, may need to try that 😂😂

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