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Thrush/shallow latch

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Coffeeorginplease Mon 05-Feb-18 15:04:06

DS is 4weeks old and EBF. Between birth and week 2.5 BF was going really well, no soreness or latching issues. I then suddenly developed sore nipples as DS became unwell with severe reflux. I admit I let him latch a few times poorly due to tiredness/just wanting him to have some milk! But did make effort to improve latch. Since then the soreness hasn’t gone and I have very pink nipples that are permanently sensitive and burning.
Saw GP who queried thrush and gave nystatin liquid for me to rub on nipples, told me baby didn’t need treating as no symptoms.
4 days later and pain is worse to the point I want to cry during feeding. Have been following good hygiene guidance and using liquid. Baby still showing no signs of thrush.
Saw LC today who said she didn’t think it was thrush but just a shallow latch causing the pain and to discontinue thrush treatment.
I have no idea whose guidance to follow or what to do but desperately want to get rid of the agonising pain! Any one have experience of thrush or pain relating solely to latching issues? Help!

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1stTimeRounder Tue 06-Feb-18 21:14:02

I had pain due to shallow latch which damaged my nipples.immediately after birth to the point I couldn't even express colostrum on one side. Hospital feeding team ruled out tongue tie but a week later following him.never latching at all LC confirmed he was tongue tied.

Has he been checked for a tie? Have you tried nipple shields? They can help whilst your nipples heal and may help with his shallow latch also.

mummabubs Tue 06-Feb-18 21:34:10

I have pain due to shallow latch, my DS is 14 weeks old and sadly BF has never gone well for us so I have to express 95% of his feeds. He latched between weeks 2-4 (very poorly so I got bright pink and very painful nipples) and he then wouldn't latch at all until he was 10 weeks old, but even now his latches are shallow so they are still pinchy and painful (sometimes toe curling). I get support for La Leche League (might be worth looking them up as their support group has been amazing for me), and they feel DS has learnt bad habits with latching, like yourself I had so many times where I was just so glad he was latching and not rejecting the breast that I let him attach badly. The people at LLL were saying thrush is massively overdiagnosed, and NHS staff at our local breastfeeding clinic also said that they didn't feel it was thrush but as GPs aren't breastfeeding experts they can be a little trigger happy on prescribing antibiotics just in case.

mummabubs Tue 06-Feb-18 21:35:59

*from La Leche that should say. Also feel free to try shields (although maybe do this under professional recommendation as it can be hard to transition them back to the breast after a while). My son made that decision easy by refusing shields too(!) !

Coffeeorgin Wed 07-Feb-18 06:19:49

Thanks for replies. I’m pretty confident now that it isn’t thrush as after discontinuing treatment and going back to lanisoh cream etc they are less sore (but still painful!)
I’m desperate to carry on EBF if I can, Breastfeeding clinic recommended cranial osteopathy to help open his jaw and improve latch (we had a long instrumental delivery which apparently can cause shallow latch ! Who knew!) appointment Thursday so fingers crossed!
Checked for tongue tie and doesn’t have one.
I’ll look into nipple shields thanks!

mummabubs Wed 07-Feb-18 13:57:28

We went to two cranial osteopathy appointments and have to say it didn't make much of a difference for us, but I think that's partly down to the individual practitioner who I wasn't overly impressed with. I hope you find it helpful and again I'd recommend considering a local breastfeeding support group- some weeks LLL is just a place to go and cry and scoff cake when things aren't going well, others it's a celebration that things are good that week!

mummabubs Wed 07-Feb-18 13:59:15

I keep posting too soon! 🙈 Also meant to add that we were a forceps delivery which can cause shallow latch/nipple aversion if the facial nerve is damaged/ bruised during delivery. My poor DS just screamed and cried when staff kept trying to get him to latch at <1 hour old, so sad.

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