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Reflux CMPA help please!

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user1489931797 Mon 05-Feb-18 05:15:13

Second guessing myself...

Morning need some advice/sense check I think because it’s been so long that my LO has been unsettled with reflux and potential CMPA that I don’t know what normal is or should be and whether things can be improved.

He’s currently on ranitidine and nutramigen and has been for 4wks and dosage increased

But he’s still grunty/snorting sounds congested, struggles with a swollen tummy and struggles having bowl movements has a lot of wind both ends that upsets him
Regurgitates and spits up after every feed and a couple times every few days projectile vomits also baby acne flares up on face and neck not sure if related.
Lastly still only manages to sleep in Moses with a wedge for an hour once a day rest of time will only sleep in our arms he’s now 11wks old!

What needs to happen? Is it a diff formula, diff meds, thickener?! Cream for his face?!

I can't handle only surviving off 3hrs sleep a day and rest of time baby in arms on couch

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betterbemoreorganised Tue 06-Feb-18 10:10:30

I've a breastfed baby with CMPA, and my advice would be to go and demand the specialist formula ( not the cheaper version ). Don't be fobbed off as I was because I've now got a 7 month old baby who is having problems with solid food and can't take fruit or veg purée and no none dairy high calorie milk to make baby porridge or rice up with but he has a huge demand for my milk.
The amount of sleep you get does improve when they are not having any dairy. Good luck

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