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9 month nursing strike

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ilovetosleep Sun 04-Feb-18 20:23:15

I'm feeling really desperate so hope someone can help.

DD1 is my third ebf and has been the easiest by far to feed. She's not always interested in the day but feeds a lot at night. The las 24 hrs she's been unwell, high temp and snotty, some virus. I have health anxiety so it hasn't been pleasant but she was much happier this morning and I thought we were on the mend. But suddenly today, after wanting bf all through this illness, she is totally refusing. When I put her to the boob she screams her little heart out. She only knows how to sleep by feeding and I can't imagine how we will get through tonight if she won't feed. I am also worried about mastitis as I had a bad bout recently. But mostly I am desperately sad and I don't want her to self wean. I love being able to comfort her, she loves feeding to sleep, it's heart breaking. I've been trying to get her to bed tonight for 2 hours and she is starving, she won't feed and she won't settle. She can't sleep if she's hungry! She won't take expressed milk from a cup. She's really congested and can't breathe properly through her nose but usually that wouldn't stop her from trying. I've done snuffle babe, saline spray, snot sucker and plug in.
DH ha taken her for a car ride to try and get her to sleep but she's just beside herself and I'm worried hat I've totally put her off bf by offering too much today and making her angry, bad associations etc.
What can I do? I'm feeling so emotional and feel totally rejected and bereft.
I fed the others til 2.5 so really hadn't wanted to stop any time soon.

Thanks in advance

tealandteal Sun 04-Feb-18 21:19:25

Could she be teething as well? DS is 6 months and refused bf and expressed milk for 12 hours on Saturday. It was worrying, signs of dehydration are dry eyes and mouth and slow capillary refill. So press a finger on her sternum for 3 seconds, release and it should go from white to normal in 1-2 seconds. Wet nappies are an indicator as well but not as reliable apparently. DS fed every 2 hours after this. You can call OOH GP/111 if you are really worried. Will she take cold expressed milk from a bottle or cup? This has worked for us when it was teeth bothering him. Ice cold from the fridge.

ilovetosleep Mon 05-Feb-18 00:57:40

Yes I think she probably is teething, but this is not her normal cry. Something is really upsetting her and I don't know if it's pain or sheer terror at the boob! She has been sleeping on and off in my arms and i have managed to feed her twice in her sleep, but when she wakes slightly she pulls away again and criesz. Also when I try to lie her horizontally on the bed once in a deep sleep she screams. Which makes me think it's either her sinuses or her ears? She's always been a bad sleeper but this is a new level and refusing milk in the night is so unlike her.

DoubleRamsey Mon 05-Feb-18 02:16:48

Are you pregnant?

I'm not an expert but my mum says she knew she was pregnant with my brother when at 9 months I just started refusing boob.

ilovetosleep Mon 05-Feb-18 05:18:20

Definitely not pregnant!

seasidelife Thu 08-Feb-18 21:55:50

The screaming when you lie her down flat makes me think reflux. If she is dehydrated her blood pressure could be low and that can make falling asleep/waking up quite unpleasant. Can you still feel her fontanelle?

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